Feb 14, 2008

VD and link love

Happy VD! Valentine's day, that is-

The Grinch who shanked Cupid (Batocchio) lets us know how he really feels about the manufactured moment that is Valentine's...

Here's a little love for some bloggers I recently rediscovered. I think Blogtopia (SKIPPY owns the copyright on that term) is a lot like living in a small town- sooner or later you run into everyone you may have lost track of ... I love my fellow blogtopians, so if I haven't got you linked or you've gotten kicked off the blogroll during my frequent brawls with blogger layouts, let me know-

Here are a few bloggers who I ran back into recently-

Bob in the Middle

Bob at Mad in the Middle

Sexay Seejay
CJ of Current Jam

Prime Poetry

And I don't link thepoetryman of A Poetic Justice (who I'll always think of as MP from back in the day) as much as I should- but surfing randomly around his blog is never wasted time...

So, enjoy your manufactured moments today!


C.J. said...

Thanks for the link love, Fade!

And for the hair extensions and boob job too. Hubba Hubba, I'm HOT!

Fade said...

I was playing with some comic book scans, lol

thepoetryman said...

Fade, my friend... You are a good man. I'm humbled by your generosity.


(Loved the Mad In the Middle and Current Jam links)

Bob said...

Wondrous indeed! I'm both flattered and tickled, truly a weird sensation. (Conan on a tractor-- now that's something I'll have to contemplate!)

C.J. said...

Hey Fade - can I still this for an avatar??