Feb 22, 2008

Levels of Fucked up

Whiskey Dick

Beaver Enlightenment

Stuck Sober

Totally Fucking Wasted out of Your muthafucking gourd


Ahenobarbus said...

'murika, fuck ya!

Randal Graves said...

Dammit, I hate when you people YouTube it up while I'm at work and can't hear anything!

Comrade Kevin said...

Yes, I agree, expanding the war on terror is effective.

Yes, we will!

C.J. said...

Like hope. But different!

Oh man - all of those words are gonna bite McInsane in the ASS!!

Me said...

Damn, Fade, "Beaver Enlightenment" made this old Granny tear up.



deuddersun said...

Gee, whatever happened to Honor the Warrior, Not the War?

Fuck McCain. He's an asshole. But that Sgt in Stuck Sober is lacing up his boots and picking up his weapon while you mock his efforts here safely at home.


I agree we should pull out. I agree we should never have gone into Iraq. But I don't blame the boots on the ground.

Someday maybe, in the distant future we won't need men like him to fight for us. Until then, let's not take our frustration out on the grunt, but rather, with those who misused his dedication and loyalty.

Sgt. USMC, ret.
Member of Vietnam Veterans Against The War since 1973.

Fade said...

Deudderson, I think you are missing the point- I wasn't making fun of The Stuck vid- I was highlighting in my own weird way, how those of us at home are squabbling about the war, whether we are babbling chickenhawk style/fire it up! Pro-war types or the peacenik bleeding hearts- there are guys like that stuck in Iraq, dying. Meanwhile Scumbag Repugs like McCain are oblivious to the cost of this war on our military.

Fade said...

And as far as my thoughts on patriotism/military go: there is this:


and a post on Honor as well:


Fade said...
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deuddersun said...

I stand corrected.

If you care to see how guys like Fixer and I think, you can get a pretty good idea here:


Fade said...

Heading there now, thanks for the link.