Feb 9, 2008

Wrath of the Epiphanies

But would not change my free thoughts for a throne...


Barstools and damned fools
with nuthin better to do
Shufflin up and sitting down
Forget the day with another round
Darkened walls, Dirty pool halls
the less seen the better
Blur this world to a murky grey
And let me drink this fools' life away

Hell is waiting, so I do, too
Bide my time until my Judgement Day
And God knows, I've had plenty of time to think
All these days in this bar, nursing my drink
Maybe he'll give this fool credit for his long regrets-
And, if not, the Devil will collect my debts-
Either way, I guess you can see,
In this old bar is where they'll find me


Nothing Better

Scattered descendents of coherent thoughts
Not exactly lost, but too wrapped up in the moment-
Decisions, Decisions- too much to bear
Circle back around - let's try this one more time-

Traps that are of our own devising
A past that magically, we are constantly revising,
The only things we want, are what we can't get
And demeaning what we can, is this really it?

Just another fleeting Accessory
To a life full of junk food accomplices
Let me be your mediocre happenstance
Let me be your unused, forgotten toy
Nothing better to do, than to want to be wanted
And when I'm on my knees is when I need you most
And when I'm on my knees is when you don't want me at all.

The Only Ones Who Burn

I’ve seen Fire and I’ve seen Rain
I’ve heard the Choir, and still felt the pain
No Gods to Touch, No Dreams to Feel
I’ve lost the desire, but Never lost the Will

Found myself in the most unlikely of places
And the love that warms me is the empty spaces
Clear my head, greet the day, look deep outside
And I find, its not from me, I’d like to hide

I look around at this world I sometimes hate
And I give up on that crazy notion called fate
You've got to give if you want to live
And you'll never live if you've not the time to give

Sacrifice it all, it doesn’t matter what you try to keep
The more you let go, the more you will reap
If you don’t give it all you will never learn
That those who hold back are the only ones who burn.

Kirk 9/2005


Randal Graves said...

Good to see more poetry on the internets. I dig these.

Comrade Kevin said...

Good job!

I should write more myself.

Anonymous said...

Count me as one who likes when you write like this.I particularly like Nothing Better. The last lines perfectly describe things as they stand in my life.

Mauigirl said...

Great poems!