Feb 12, 2008

What the Fisa?


What the Fisa?

Crooks and Liars

Obama showed, Hillary didn’t.

Hillary didnt voice a word about this, and her silence is deafening.
She could have put her leverage to work. She didnt.

Any Hillary Progressives should hang their heads in shame. Any women who want better rights- will this woman sell you out the way she did Progressives?

Edwards is out, so she might as well run back to the right.

and almost 20 cowardly/bought and paid for Democrats joined the completely sold out Republicans.

Goddamn it all to hell, are you fucking fed up yet?

Actor212/Carl is way more in the know than some piddly ass Redneck liberal like me... He's backing Hillary, all the way. And I just want to know how blowing off our freedom helps us.

"Cuz I'm just a simple motherfucker, here, and I guess I don't get it"


navyswan said...

"And I just want to know how blowing off our fucking freedom helps us."

If you find the answer to that question let me know. As for the question, "Goddamn it all to hell, are you fucking fed up yet?", yes, yes I am. Now how to get the other 290 million, give or take a few, to wake up and get angry is a bigger question. By the way, in all the hubub about the primaries, have you noticed that our government's admittance that they torture people has gotten almost no attention? You would think that would be a big story, that there would be outrage. But, no. I can only take silence from all politicians and politicos to be a silent consent to this kind of treatment. I give up. I just need to move.

Frederick said...

You should have linked to Karl, to catch his attention.

Fade said...

Oh, I left a message on his blog well before I ever collected myself enough to make my own blog post.

just feeling really defeated, here. And for a guy who lives in the middle of the racist, sexist fucking hellhole that is lubbock fucking texas, that is saying quite a bit.

Fade said...
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JakeGint said...

Move to France, fucker.

Fade said...

Well, Dubai is where most of the Republican assholes are going, dipshit. How about you move to Russia, you cocksucker?