May 9, 2007

"Troubles" no more?

This is such good news, I don't know what to say. Like the reporter himself, I am almost speechless for fear that I may be speaking too soon- with my fingers crossed behind my back for good measure.

The Miracle of Belfast

Peace in Ireland. Let it last. Let it grow. Let the walls separating neighborhoods come down and let the past be simply the past. Peace between the leaders, although important, is less important than peace between the people. Real peace may be at hand, but it will not be a lasting peace if the Irish people themselves don't embrace it.

Across the barrier, Michael Connery, a Catholic student, expressed a similar concern that progress in Stormont has yet to be reflected in the reality of life among ordinary people.

He said: "Just because Sinn Fein and the DUP have agreed to a return of the Assembly doesn't mean our communities are not still divided. Segregation is a problem that has to be addressed. Until the barriers come down and people really learn to live alongside each other then I think political progress will be limited."

But while any optimism was bound to be cautious, there was a firm belief that the co-habitation of Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness made the demolition of the Peace Lines a distinct possibility as well as a long-held aspiration. Mr Williamson said: "It symbolises segregation and segregation institutionalises sectarianism.

"I remember my Dad saying to me 'good fences make good neighbours Tommy'. But he was wrong. Segregation has ruined this community."

Peace- it truly has become a terrible world to think it so outlandish. And when seeing it realized has become such an outrageous spectacle to consider.

Peace and war are both easy to embrace. It is time for us to embrace the right one.

UPDATE: Batocchio also has a post up about this at Vagabond Scholar
UPDATE II: Mick Fealty (of Slugger O'Toole fame) has this passionate commentary at the Guardian


supergirlest said...

here's to lasting peace!!!!

you need an email addy link, mister!!!

53% of the french voted in a rightwinger that bush was so pleased about being elected, that he called him personally. puke.

Fade said...

oh. Damn = and while researching that, I found out that French people have been rioting for the past 3 days over it.

Glad I saw this on your site. No one else is blogging about it. You would think that it might have perked a few ears...

Ziem said...

"..Segregation has ruined this community.".."

May we all learn that fact.

On France... do you think Bush loaned them our voting machines?

Frederick said...

I wonder if the recent economic renaissance had anything to do with it...

Fade said...

RE: France(and Ireland?)
As we have seen, violent actions and chaos causes a kneejerk reaction from the general population. The Security factor pops up and normal, sane people suddenly cringe at shadows and jump at sudden noises. After 9-11, the American people ran hard for the right side of the boat, where they thought security lie. The people of France are doing this too- in a reaction to the violence and rioting in recent past. They will most likely find, as we Americans have- that running to the far right did not make us more secure, just the opposite.

The Right wing is a failure, in all things. The 11 Repubs talking to the President aren't worried that Iraq is a complete failure. They didn't set Bush down to say- "This isn't working". They say him down to say : "Hey! We're not going to get re-elected like this, man!"

There's your Grand Ole Party. Why in the hell would you re-elect men like this?

And here's a little tidbit for those quivering in fear-for-their-job Republicans: Too little,too late. Nov. was was just a ripple. Get ready for a full blown wave.

supergirlest said...

psssstttt! there's a surprise for you over in my place. not the last entry, but the one before...

and yes - the riots started after the election. :(

mirth said...

This is indeed an uplifting post. It is tempered with the French election, but still a very important boost to the Hope thing. I'm grateful to find it here.

Fade said...

SG: OOOH... surprises. Cool. Thanks so much for the recognition! Yes, I guess there is some thinking that goes on here once in a while, in between rants...

(loved the line referring to ol'Cavey, btw)