May 2, 2007


Five Years Of Halliburton Stock profits
The only God Dubya worships is the almighty dollar.

This Veto should be the last straw. Bush is completely out of touch. Does the President have the sole right to continue a war forever? Hell NO! The American public AND our military is being held hostage by the right wing radicals who make up the Republican share of Congress right now.

The Republicans that voted to support Bush's veto will regret it, just like all the Republicans' who lost office in November. It's time for a surge of Democrats, Progressives and Conservatives with a brain and some form of understanding of how this democracy in America is supposed to work!

Not only has this fool of a Terrorist President failed to inspire a Democracy in Iraq, he has actively been destroying it in America.

Take the military spending bill, ADD a minimum wage increase to it and SEND IT BACK TO HIS SORRY ASS! If he vetoes that, add a war profiteers bill to it as well, that requires ALL contractors who have made money off the U.S. government, and off the bodies of our dead troops to bring their UNPAID taxes up to date immediately or face having their ill-gotten gains frozen by the government.

And if he vetoes that, strip the ultra-rich of their precious tax cuts. No More Bluffing! This is the time to have a showdown this fucking monster in the White House.

Gravel is right- Bring this bill to a vote Every Single Day. Let America know who is MAKING our soldiers die every damn day for NO REASON.

The Republican party won't survive this if they don't start following the will of the people instead of their Corporate lobbyists. And if the President doesn't EVER pass it, he will run out of money- and we will bring the troops home. And hopefully before Iraq's combative factions join forces to throw out U.S.forces, whom they hate.

"But what about the good news in Iraq?" Someone slap that fool silly. There is NO good news. Soldiers dying every day and Iraqis dying every day IS NOT GOOD NEWS YOU FUCKING TWITS.

This President is a psychotic murdering fool who has sacrificed thousands of American lives in some vain attempt to make himself into a hero.

He wasn't a hero hiding in Oklahoma during the Vietnam war. And he's not a hero now.

Impeach this fool before he destroys our whole military with his grandiose war rigging!!


supergirlest said...

that grahh makes me want to vomit. it's one thing to know - and a whole other thing to see it laid out like that. :(

Fade said...

What gets me is that all these blue collar guys worship Dubya and vilify the Dems and Libs that are trying to SAVE BLUE COLLAR AMERICA.

I don't see how these people don't seem to understand that these rich cocksuckers don't give a damn about them.

They are the biggest pawns of the rich. Locked in their fear of Mexicans, blacks, and Al Quaeda, they put the padlocks on their own chains and hand it over to these corporate slaveowners, somehow believing that Dubya will save them. Meanwhile, our Pres and his minions strip money from the states and spend it as fast as they can in other countries.

Pam said...

Except the spineless sycophants we sent to congress are already talking compromise. And we all know what Bu$h means by "compromise." It means he gets everything he wants, as usual.

I am SICK TO DEATH of the lot of them!! Representatives of the people MY ASS!