May 22, 2007

Be the Change you believe in

What's Your Presidential Candidate done for America Lately?

Here's what mine is up to...

Be the Change you believe in

Support the Troops - End the War

Take Action on Memorial Day-

Let the quibblers in Congress be aware, that Republican OR Democrat, we aren't going to let them back-bench every day on the Iraq War while our sons and daughters die.

We aren't going to blindly accept empty promises from Pelosi, Reid and our so-called Anti-war leadership.

There will be no more kowtowing to the Dictator-in-chief and his power mongering consuls. Let every Politician in your district, from your local reps up to your Senators know how the American public feels in no uncertain terms.

We've allowed the politicians to play their bloody games for too long. It is time to wipe the slate clean in some cases, of these greedy, vile bastards and replace them with men of the people, not servants of corporations!

We don't give a damn about "winning" the oil in Iraq. We are tired of paying tithes to Exxon Mobil, Big Pharma, and the Military Industrial complex for this bullshit "terror threat".

If we can't stop the career criminals in the Bush adminstration and their Democratic enablers now, then we are complicit in the Fall of the American empire. You are only as strong as your actions! Your freedom has been revealed to you to be a hollow dream under the men who have sold out our country to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and China, all the while pretending to be patriots.

ACT for your country or leash yourself as a fearful slave. The choice- Right here, Right now- is STILL up to you. Vote, get involved, put your money where your morals are.

Our country's soul is at stake.

UPDATE: Edwards Speech today


supergirlest said...

damn. i thought you were going to link to kucinich. TRAITOR!!! :)

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