May 1, 2007

4 years of "Accomplishment"

Juan Cole takes us through the 4th year anniversary of "Mission Accomplished"

Some idiot warhawk fucknut on Alternet asked why the left is so "full of hate".

You know why I hate the criminals who are in control of our country?

I hate them because they have killed thirty four hundred of our soldiers and wounded twenty thousand more For their own greed. And thousands more will die if they aren't stopped.

I hate them because they have turned America into a country whose actions shame me.
I hate them because of their embrace of torture and immorality.
I hate them because they willingly give up their freedom in their piss-their-pants fear.
I hate them because they turn a blind eye to the blood of innocents, they pretend that the children that our government kills, each day, don't matter to the soul of our nation.
I hate them because they are the worst, the absolute worst that our nation has to offer, and yet they have taken over our country.

I hate them because even though I knew my country was founded on thievery and murder, I thought, somehow, in my naivete' that we had changed as a nation in the past two hundred years.

I hate them because they have revealed to me how shallow, selfish, stupid and inhumane my fellow Americans can be.

I hate them because those who claim to only care about a "kingdom of Heaven" have no qualms about creating a hell on earth just to sate their gluttonous desires while they live, convinced in their ignorance that they are somehow more deserving of the wealth of the world, because they will one day enter the gates of Paradise, and the rest of us won't.

But what I hate the most is just feeling the hate that spills over from them into me.

My love is stronger though. It overwhelms the shallow hate that fills me when I see the real hate out there- the hate that kills.

I can only press on, and share good works and put forth effort to make my country, and more importantly- the world- a better place. It's a task made harder by those who justify the hate in their own hearts. Will there ever be a world where religions, races, nationalities, and greed won't twist man against man, heedless of how they destroy themselves in the process?

Who knows.

But if I don't try, and you don't try, then all we will have left is a world full of bitter, evil tribes, bent on stealing from one another. There is a better way. But you have to believe in the good in your own heart, first- to move the world.

I know I dreamed you a sin and a lie
I have my freedom but I dont have much time
Faith has been broken, tears must be cried
Lets do some living after we die

Wild Horses, Rolling stones

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