May 8, 2007

Class strugglin'

More fuel for the fire...

Middle Class continues to be hurt economically under this President's Policies:
Middle class suffers

Of course, I'll file this under Things-I-Already-knew, but there's some good hard facts in the post that may come in handy later. Yeah, life under Dubya just gets worse and worse for those of us who aren't making boo-koo cash.

Thanks Exxon Mobil! Thanks President Bush! Thank you 23%ers! Thank you dumbass middle class rednecks who don't see Bush is using you like $3 whores! "Oh, he's a christian, he can fuck up the country because he means well".

I may not be the most eloquent of writers- so this won't be as pretty as Arthur Silbur waxing philosophic- I write like I talk, which of course, proves that I am just a damn country boy-

But, this country is officially half-fucking-retarded. I may not know much, but I can sure as hell tell when I am being screwed over.

If you can't tell that George Bush is fucking America over- then you get what you deserve. But why- o -why?! do the rest of us have to suffer for YOUR idiocy?

Oblivious jackals feasting on the body of a great poet... who dies, not pained most that he is dying, but that he is being robbed of such an exquisite existence by animals that cannot appreciate anything better than their own scavenger shit lives...

They will never put forth great effort and so they will never have anything more.


ziem said...

Great rant!

It's so true. I have a friend who is making 30g's a year and raising two kids. 30g's is too much for food stamps but not enough to pay her bills and feed her children.

Do you think that the bushies even bother to think about how much food exxon is taking from the mouths of children? We certainly know they don't care... but do they think about it?

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Hey Fade. You bitched about my favorite topics! Sorry I haven't been around much. new job and crazy hours!

Keep fanning the flames!