May 25, 2007

The Proof


Criminal Intent

Our Democracy is in our own hands. Democrats value their own political power more than they value the truth. They will not press the issue any further than they are now. Just like signing Bush's continuance of the bs war in Iraq, they won't take these traitors down.

Rove is a traitor to our Democracy. Gonzales is a traitor to our Democracy. George Bush ordered and allowed it all. Thus, Our President is also a traitor to our Democracy. Bush has allowed his cronies to step all over the constitution as they push their loyalty to the Republican party OVER their duties to the American people.

What is left of our democracy and our cherished freedom is up to us, the American people. In Nov. 2006, not ONE NEW Republican was elected.We wanted the war stopped and we wanted the Republican party stopped. But the Democratic leadership has failed us. There's another vote.

It's time to not only purge the Republicans who are behind all this corruption, but also the incumbent Democrats who have acted as enablers for the criminal actions of the Republicans.
If you thought there was a house cleaning in November, you haven't seen anything yet. Take back your country. Vote out these incumbent do-nothings with their war profiteering ways.

Terror isn't a viable threat to America- But Corpotocracy IS.

Fire the weaklings, the sell outs, the con men. Vote in Americans who will hold the criminals involved in the attorneys scandalresponsible. (And every other scandal that a Republican majority has brought to our country in record amounts in record t ime).

The Nixon administration were boy scouts compared to this. Bill Clinton was a saint compared to this.

How many U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq TODAY for Record deficits to our country and Record profits for Halliburton and Exxon Mobil?

BONUS: David Iglesias IS The attorney Tom Cruise played in A Few Good Men.
Finally- a celebrity tie-in to grab the attention of the ADD American Idol crowd (I hope).


mirth said...

Oh Hell Yeah!
I don't know now where I stand on party affiliation, but I do know this: my focus is voting every one of the self-serving enablers out of office.

Pam said...

Me too mirth!! I CAN'T WAIT!!

Another ass-kicking post, fade.

Jimmy said...

Good article but, it's not all "Republicans" it's just the Neo-Conservitives that have ripped off the party. Ron Paul is a republican, and the best canadaite of either party.He's a true "Paleo-Coservitive" wants to end the war, defend our borders, stop forigen aid, abolish the IRS, and get us out of the UN. Check him out he's not afriad to stand up to the blood merchants, and traitors that are running this country into the poor house.

SadButTrue said...

I've updated the post you link to (thanks for that, by the way) a couple of times now. The latest was to include more video, of Palast and RFK jr. talking in NYC on May 1. This is over an hour of incredible must-see material. Palast and Kennedy speak with passion, as if they can already feel the jackboot on their neck.