May 31, 2007

Accountability and Conscience

British Teaching Union weighs boycott of Israel

The Ends Does NOT justify the Means.

The means justifies itself. Follow the right path, do the right thing. Live your life with integrity, honesty and personal honor. Hold YOURSELF accountable. Fight against the things that are dishonorable and wrong. Don't oppress others, simply in the hope that it will make your own life easier. Give what you do not need to those who need it.

What Israel is doing is wrong. Period. I can add supporting facts that would tell you that Israel's actions are creating terrorists in every Muslim country. I can add that America's support of Israeli atrocities is resulting in terror aimed at our people, not just theirs. I can add a hundred other reasons why boycotting Israel, cutting off money and aid, and stopping sales of clusterbombs and WMD to them is the RIGHT thing to do for our people, our nation, Israel itself and the world.

But I shouldn't have to. What Israel is doing is WRONG. Apartheid is WRONG. Building walls that steal land that isn't theirs is WRONG. Firing missles into refugee camps filled with starving people who are cut off from hospitals and medicine is WRONG. Sniping children is WRONG. Attacking countries who have not attacked your country is WRONG. Leveling Beirut is WRONG. Showering Lebanon with clusterbombs in the last moments of a cease fire is WRONG.

Israel is destroying itself as it creates its own Nazi nation - one race above all others within its borders. But that's beside the point.

What they are doing is morally wrong. The ends does not justify the means. All nations of conscience who truly have an interest in creating world democracy and ending terror must work to stop Israel's madness.

This is a good first step. I hope the conscience of Americans can follow suit with similar boycotts until our politicians will stop blindly supporting the current terrorist actions of Israel.

THAT is the first step in putting a stop to terror. Stop what is creating terrorists. Stop Israel.

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