May 2, 2007

Pitiful Buffet

Saw this on MSNBC this morning. It hasn't been up long, but man those numbers are just horrible for Republicans-

Average Positive Response: 16.1%

Average Neutral Response: 37.1%

Average Negative Response: 46.8%

The Republican with the highest positive response is Giuliani, but his negative response is only 2% lower. He is followed by McCain, whose negative response is 13% higher than his positive, and the same goes for Mitt Romney, in third according to the ratings so far.

Bleak days for conservatives. Not that a majority of these guys are ACTUAL conservatives. But hasn't the American public heard of Ron Paul? He and Duncan Hunter were the only two I gave positive responses to. Duncan has crossed party lines and voted his conscience against the Bush rubberstamp a couple of times- that shows initiative and spine. And Ron Paul is just... well, he's the biggest conservative badass there is left. A hardcore constitutional literalist who wants our troops out of Iraq now.
Paul's like the Democrats Dennis Kucinich- By far the smartest candidate, but probably not electable by the American Idol crowd, where appearance and bullshit sound bytes trump sound policies everytime.
Unless Gore, Clark, or Dean get back into the race, I'm going to have to stick with Edwards. So far the worst thing anyone can say about him is that he spends too much money on his hair or he talks too slow. Or that he's a fag. Oh please, at least he's not dressing up in drag like Giuliani.
Give me a candidate with some real policies and fabricated faults over the reverse any day.
Hillary = Lieberman's Evil twin sister. Watch and see.
Obama= Hell, the jury's still out on him, as far as I am concerned. But he falls behind Edwards concerning Iraq, diplomacy with Iran, and fighting the Repubs head on.
Kucinich? Smart, on target. Electable? Still watching...
Edwards also has managed to stay out of the mudslinging on the Demos side thus far. That's more points in his favor. A lot of bloggers are still miffed about Edwards nixing some of our fellows from his campaign, but it was a sound strategy. He can't be called on the carpet to defend some of our wild ass blogging and stay on task. I am glad that "controversy" got stamped out early and we can try to keep these guys focused on real issues, not distractions.
So, get out there and find out what these guys are really about. Cull the McCains and the Clintons from the race. We don't need either of those two low-life self-serving politicians replacing George Bush with George Bush lite, mkay?


supergirlest said...

i'm fearing obama is a closet republican as of late. :(

i heart kucinich. but you knew that already, didn't you?

those #'s speak volumes. if only they would all just go away...

Pam said...

Same old buffet of old, white, rich men. Same old shit. Same old package.

If one of these asshats wins in '08, I'm emigrating. I mean it this time.

Anonymous said...

Cool, if Kucinich is pres, we might finally be able to get rid of those damned chemtrails. And we finally might be able to outlaw meat forever! I'm also looking forward to the Department of Peace, the Department of Cleanliness, the Department of Good Vibes, and the Department of Rock! One day I hope to work in the Department of Sporting Goods, but I think all my taxes would go to the Department of Homeland Redecorating, so maybe not. Kucinich '08!