May 30, 2007

Freeper Madness

Uh make that Freeper "Sadness".

Der Shrubenfuhrer mocks his base. Jesus weeps for Bush's 23%ers and their foiled plans for Global domination...

side note... My head hurts. I have been surfing Free Republic for the past hour looking for choice quotes made by these morons... and I just can't do that to you.
I should have known by now, I don't have to step in shit to know it stinks.
I can still hear a few brain cells dying, having endured the tortured logic of the torture-lovers.


angry ballerina said...

Come back to earth, your brain cells miss you!

Pam said...

That is brave - truly brave.

The War in Iraq sort of went south.


Those people are morons.

angry ballerina said...

Sort of, kinda, maybe. Hell I don't know! I think it did. Does anyone else? Shall we ask the troops, or the widows?