May 10, 2007

Enablers, Saviors, Con artists ALL?

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone has taken the sorry ass Republicans to task several times this year. Now he lines up the enablers, the Democrats, for a little bit of accountability on this supplemental bill. It's an eye-opener...

AntiWar Americans versus the Democrats

There is a growing number of people out there who believe the Reid-Pelosi Iraq war supplemental is a gigantic crock of shit, and who think the Democratic Party leadership should now officially be labeled conspirators in the war effort. I've even seen it suggested that Reid and Pelosi should now be sent official "certificates of war ownership," to formally put them in a club with Bush, Cheney, Richard Perle and the rest of the actual war authors.


The thinking goes something like this: the Democrats, who are mostly the same people who voted for the war in the first place, don't really want to end it. They do, however, want to take political advantage of antiwar sentiment. So they will appear to be against the conflict but set things up in such a way that their "efforts" to end the war will fall just slightly short, like a fourth-quarter pass thrown by a point-shaving quarterback.


If they viewed the war as much of the world did, as a murderous and profoundly immoral criminal enterprise, they would understand that morally, they really have no choice now but to refuse to send Bush even a dime more for this war. After all, it's impossible to justify on any level voting to give George Bush more money for more troops "in the short run" if you believe that the occupation is fundamentally evil and exploitative. But the Democrats clearly do not believe it is wrong. They don't even mind having a big hand in it. They just don't think it's going very well, and understand that in the long run, it's a non-starter politically.

Please, read the whole damn, depressing thing.

So, the Democrats who enabled the war to occur in the first place are not saviors. Unless of course, you decide that if we control the Iraqi oil in the end (or if we give it to Exxon Mobil so they can sell it to the American people at enormous profits) we are saved.

It's the American way. We are going to get that fucking oil. The Democrats' bill tells us that much. No matter what Bush says or Reid says about ending this war- "What, the media has left the room? - Maliki-we are going to get that fucking oil FIRST you dirty filthy Iraqis. And we aren't leaving til we get it. Oh, here comes the media... And that's why this bill is so important to supporting the ahem, er - troops."

So that's our ruling class in action. And with THAT taste of bile in my throat, as I think of the American AND Iraqi blood wetting the sands of Iraq - AS WE SPEAK- I call it a day.


Anonymous said...

No sir. How about repealing the 2002 authorization? They can do that, you know. How about just cutting funding altogether, hmm? They can do that. But no, they don't. They have to try to have their cake and eat it to. They have to play politics, thinking about 2008. That's what matters most.

Fade said...

Home of the brave, and the la-and of the.. What's in it for me.

PoliShifter said...

Hi Fade, it's awefully suspicious to say the least.

If you take a look at who is directly and indirectly profiting off the occupation of Iraq you'll find Democrats and Republicans alike, especially the DLC Democrats.

Feinstein's husband is making money off the war.

That's the main problem, there is so much money being spread around that no one really wants to stop the gravy train.

How much do you think Exxon, Chevron, BP, and Shell are pumping into Congress?

Funny how the media never mentions the production sharing agreements Bush so desperately wants.

Oh want, much of are media are profiting off the war too. GE owns NBC and is making hundreds of millions off the occupation of Iraq.

pissed off patricia said...

Jesus, I wish I could prove the article wrong. I sure do wish I could.

Pam said...

I wish I could just stop using oil - period. I have been walking everywhere I can. Find a way for me to get to work - 30 miles away - and I will never buy from those blood sucking corporations ever again.