Jul 31, 2007

Biker Wars

The tattoo is a quote from Jacques Mesrine, France’s former public enemy no. 1
Translated: God, protect me from my friends. I’ll take care of my enemies!
Four Bandidos from Lubbock were jumped by some Massachussetts Angels at a Hells Angels event in Arkansas.
Bandits don't usually get along with Angels. So when I heard that some of the local Bandidos were going to be attending, I knew some bullshit like this was liable to happen...
I grew up in a bandido town, with a member of my extended family who was a bandit. I went to a small country school with some of their kids, and even snuck into a bandido party or two as a fearless teenager. On the other side, one of my best friends is close friends with a Hells Angel of high standing out west. I don't have any particular loyalties to either club and its best not to profess any if you aren't for real, anyway. It's a good way to get hurt.
Here's a story about the Bandidos I found online while trying to see if the rest of the guys that got jumped have been released from the hospital yet.


Targa said...

I went for a Sunday ride, with four of my buddies, to a BBQ joint in Tioga. It's about 60 miles from Plano, TX. I'm the only on that is actually a member of a riding club.
Anyway, we got to the place and we were the only group there. We figured it was because of the rain, nobody wanted to ride that day.
About a half hour later, I'd say about 25 bikes were parked in the parking lot. Everyone was pleasant, nice, admiring of other bikes, and friendly. They LOOKED scary (I suppose that could have been said about me), but overall everyone was cool.
That's how I like it. I know guys in MCs that are nice... real friendly... but they don't like to be messed with.
I won't comment on who may have started what, but it looks like it was unnecessary.
Hmmm... I'll stop my opinion right here... in case my words get taken out of context by *ahem* anyone.
Hey, you never know. Right?

angry ballerina said...

Me real daddy is a biker, and some of the (and this really isn't a cliche) most respectful men I have ever 'worked' for have been these big brutish, scary looking motherfuckers. When ever I see a Harley, I always crank my neck to see if its me Dad...

old hack said...

when peak oil comes along with Millions of illegal immigrants ugh.. this country is going to become a very scary place to live. Biker gangs are going to rule the streets.

I fear we are on the verge of another Civil War on American soil. Except this one will be much more like the civil war in Iraq. roaming gangs settling scores in the streets of America except on a massive scale.

WHY! god damn it.

QuestionGirl said...

My ex-husband has an antique harley parked in the living room. (since I left) I've known bikers more than half my life, and some are good and some are crazy bad, just like the rest of society.

I do like the saying on the tatoo

Jo said...

It's not to alarm the guy on the picture, and I don't know the original quote from Mesrine, but his tatoo has a spelling mistake...

In French, we don't say "...protege-moi des mes amis..." mais "...protege-moi de mes amis..."

There is no "s" at "de"!

Faded said...

Uh, Jo- that's a french biker. Take it from me, misspellings, bad grammar and tattoos go together in ANY language.