Jul 12, 2007

Another Repub Hero shot down by liberal media

I guess I missed an important part of the story about the Republican congressman who got busted trying to pay a guy to have oral sex with him.

-THE REPUBLICAN TRIED TO PAY THE GUY, not to receive a blowjob in a public place, But To GIVE ONE TO THE UNDERCOVER COP-

Republicans are some seriously closeted fucking hypocrites.

Family Values Republicans - LMMFAO

Read the comments... oh hell, my sides hurt.

Republicans in action...
hot dirty man on man action in your local park, even.

How will they spin this, I wonder? He was seduced ? He was fighting the war on terror by inspecting random mens penises with a taste test for chemical wmd?

This is another Family values Republican.
If A Republican tells you ANY-Damn-THING, just believe the opposite.

More on the Moron


PoliShifter said...


"State Rep. Bob Allen, a co-chair of Republican presidential candidate John McCain's Florida campaign, is expected to address Thursday charges that he offered to perform oral sex on an undercover male police officer for $20."

I totally missed this news..thanks for sharing..brings new meaning to the phrase $20 hooker

mirth said...

Hilarious comments on the link thread.