Jul 18, 2007

Cluelessness of the Silent mob

I received some stupid bullshit email attributed to George Carlin this morning. It's basically just an unfunny Republican rant that some asshole is trying to pimp as Carlin's. It's not the first time I've gotten this bs, not by a longshot, and I'm sick of it.

So I replied all to the moron who sent it to me with a choice rant of my own directed at cowards who have to lie about whose beliefs they are selling.

I hope that a few of the people who forward this ignorant shit will think twice before they blindly re-send lies to all their friends in the future.

Because if you are forwarding Lies- you are repeating lies and it makes you look stupid. Not to mention that maybe some of these sheep will realize that if you have to lie about your beliefs and make up false quotes- your beliefs may be just as hollow as the falsehood of their origin.

You know, I have NEVER, EVER received an email that is a progressive diatribe that is falsely attributed to some famous comedian. It is ONLY the bushbots that perform these little lies of attribution. Why would I have to stoop to pretending to lying about my beliefs, that I feel very strongly about?

Well, I wouldn't.

Yet I get these bullshit emails once a week, supposedly written by Robin Williams, George Carlin, and a host of others, some who are supposedly soldiers in Iraq, or Generals, or whoever else.

The Republicans who exist out there have a credibility problem, but worse than that, they have a self-esteem problem. They cannot believe that their own views are worthy enough of repetition. They can only believe that these beliefs are important enough to be emailed when they rip their own names off of them and tag them with the name of some famous person.

And I realize why they do it- It's the difference between "Them" and "Us" after all.

It's the dumb shit people who forward these emails; the dumb shits who still adore Bush for fighting Saddam Osama for "Nine-levin" and giving flowers to the Iraqi people and you know, stuff like that. Patriot stuff.

It's the Nascar, trailer park crowd, the drunk parents listening to Skynrd and Papa Roach and their retarded children listening to Insane Clown Posse and sharing their weed. It's the dumbfucks that are in church praying for us sinners in the same breath that they say things like - "Well, Jesus doesn't want me to be destitute, doncha know" while buying their 2nd SUVs and a vacation home.

Its the dirty cocksuckers that bitch and moan about minimum wage hikes while ignoring the major corporations in every town in the U.S. overpaying their top executives by 1000% and even giving them bonuses as they are being let go.

It's the criminally stupid fucks that cry "Support the troops" then fight tooth and nail against a tax increase that would END situations like Walter Reed and provide a Modicum of real care for wounded vets.

They would rather bitch at the poor, whom they despise and simultaneous NEED, than the rich.
They need the poor, because if they didn't exist, these blue collar Republicans would be one rung lower on the ladder. The Rich must be great Americans because, because, uh they are rich. Who would you rather have, after all? A rich friend or a poor one? = Fuck the poor. Fuck those who care about the poor. They are all bleeding heart losers. They aren't rich because they care too much.

I watched today as a clueless corporate twat on CNBC, Maria What-the-fuck, smarmily commented about rich Democrats who WANT more taxes. This vapid money worshipper quipped "Time and time again these people vote AGAINST their economic interests." and she shook her head, utterly perplexed that some rich person would actually want to give up some of their profits in order to help bolster the lower and middle class. She seemed to not comprehend any interest EXCEPT one of monetary value.

We are all in this together. And the greater you make the divide between the superrich and ultrapoor, the more crime, violence, and disconnect this country will have.

And when that happens there's not ENOUGH gated communities in the country to shield these people from the reality they created with their greed.

You reap what you sow. Be careful you don't wake up in a field full of shit with nothing else to show for your "efforts".

UPDATE: Good God! While writing this I received two emails that were forwards of "Bill Gates sharing his wealth by YOU forwarding this email" Sometimes I wonder if there is any hope for America at fucking all.

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