Jul 17, 2007

A few good men

From Common Dreams= CIA agents discuss Rumsfeld and the secret prisons

Real Americans DON'T SUPPORT Terror.


Tanning Lotion said...

I think just the thought of terrorism is against humankind.

Fade said...

Terror is The neverending war that Man wages against his own Humanity.

We just can't evolve fast enough, apparently. A system of fair laws and a credible adherence to those laws is the only solution.

Anything that has to be rendered in secrecy is a bad idea.

mirth said...

Rum's conscious will be his only punishment, which means he will pay no price for the abominations of his tenure at the Pentagon.
Where are the Senate 'hearings' into this administration's sanctioning and practice of torture? Y'know, those events that make some noise and GO NOWHERE.

Fade said...

His "Conscious" or his conscience?

Either way, neither apparently seems to exist in Rummy's world.

Fucking scumbags. Rumsfeld should be turned over to family members of vets who died as a direct result of his failure to provide MRAPs to the troops, among thousands of other failures.