Aug 3, 2007

Panic, Motherfuckers.

Chuckling at the Bush base, crying over the crumbling Dow today...

...watching CNBC bobbleheads explode...

There is much gnashing of teeth by the hyperventilating stock market cheerleaders as they struggle to prop up their "goldilocks" economy.

Blame Bernanke all you want, suckers. Irrational exuberance only goes so far.

Sooner or later, whether it concerns the economy, the "war against terror", or America's superstructure rotting from within- you have to come back to reality.

And Bushco has been running on the fumes of fantasy for too long.

How much longer can America bury its head in the sand on the ineptitude and corruption of this President and his yes-men?

Your Democracy is only as good as YOU make it.

Take back our country.

Don't fall for any more night-night fairy tales as the Republican party promises to tuck you in safely at night. As soon as you're asleep, they are looting the house, raiding the liquor cabinet, and driving off with your car, leaving the front door wide open.

The American people will get the kind of government it demands. And if you demand nothing, don't expect anything in return.

Make it your sacred duty to vote. Speak out strongly and firmly against the corruption. Take the reins of true democracy into your hands. It is your American duty.

Surely we are more powerful than these contemptible big business whores?

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Hill said...

Hell, yeah!

Fuck those bastards.

Hell, yeah!