Jul 3, 2007

Democracy is Dead! Long Live Democracy!


Our President's a fucking traitor and every indignant, passionate line you blog today is FUCKING BULLSHIT.

I want to say : Get off your fucking stupid asses and at least pretend you are a part of something greater than your blog.

But, it's too late. The country might as well be Officially under control of a dictator.

'Ooh, just wait til I tell Kay Bailey Hutchison in my latest surely unread letter to my Congressman's office'. To hell with this illusion of democracy. I won't waste my breath here any longer.

My Fellow Americans, free-dumbest of the free: Shove your i-phones up your collective ass.
My vision is no less rose-tainted than your own.
"I thought..." and that will be the epitath of us all- If we keep dwelling on wishes that our country was ACTUALLY made up of patriots.

Motherfucking pawns. You (and I) have been had by the dumbest shit bastard, I think, in history.

So, Elevate us to Terror-Threat-Red, Boss. The Fox has just ripped the throat out of the last chicken in the henhouse.

Actions speak louder than words. And THAT is the true epitath of our country. A nation blogs, like ineffectual children whining about an early naptime.

Sweet Motherfucking Dreams.

Your Whimper has arrived. Take a deep breath and SIGH for all you are fucking worth.

A nation of cowards acquieses to the fool of fools.

Stupid, stupid bastards.


Fade said...
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Fade said...

tried to post this to Mccs1977, but Fred's revamping his shit.

...It's too fucking easy to simply get lost in a tangent and think my way out of this one.

How did THEY get in control? By acting.By not worrying about the consequences and acting. Should we ape their thoughtless impulses? Or should we lay down at the foot of their tanks and hope someone, somewhere, will be moved to ACTION by our sacrifice?

I guess I am useless as everyone else. Because, for the life of me, I can't muster the passion to give it all for this majority of ballless twits who call themselves my countrymen.


Pam said...
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Pam said...

The sheeple are hypnotized and occupied by a series of useless CRAP (paris, american idol, iphones) in the media. You know what needs to happen....every single television satellite needs to just disappear. Get rid of TV and maybe some people will get their brains back.

Mirth's got a great thing brewing over at her place.....

angry ballerina said...

Reading this shit makes me happy.

mirth said...

We are a neglectful generation. If there is any hope, the work of it and the vigilance will fall to our children and their children and on and on, but it is our duty to begin it.
We are not powerless.

QuestionGirl said...

I feel your pain Fade...I'm right there with you. It's time for a new direction.