Jul 20, 2007

Be Afraid, Be Very afraid

This is what I call a Terror Threat Red. I hope they don't mean that Cheney's taking over Bush's Colon Surveillance ...

No, I'm sure Dubya's got the perfect assistant already lined up...

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With plenty of cronies close by Bush's ass, as usual, to help out

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I wonder what will Bush's colonoscopy reveal?...

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Hmm... Is it just a coincidence that with Cheney taking over and Bush being anally probed that this was the Breaking News Headline on MSNBC right after this announcement?

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Hill said...


Love it, Fade!


mirth said...

I haven't yet read today's news, so I'm learning about this here. (I get by with a little help from my friends.)
So, this weekend we all hold our breaths?

old hack said...

we love to hate the president in this country. Hillary has her work cut out for her.

Fade said...

oh yes, Old hack, our "Unreasonable" hate for our traitor-in-chief. Here's what a real conservative has to say about Bushco: http://blueherald.com/2007/07/this-is-a-wake-up-call/

And Fuck Hillary. I've been saying for years now that she is Bush Lite. Why O Why can my Liberal brethren not see thru her bullshit. She's a consummate liar.

John Edwards is the one, channeling Robert Kennedy, who has been on top of these bastards for awhile, more concerned with the issues than how many fan dollars he can amass like Obama and Hillary.

Wee Mousie said...

I have a medical question.

Once they have removed the possibly benign polyps from the unquestionably malignant president, how do the doctors know which to discard?

mirth said...

I'm with you on Edwards. Of all the Dem candidates, he is the only one I can support. And imagine a First Lady of Elizabeth's character.
But it looks like Hillary is the one designated to be our new military/corporate shill in the WH.

QuestionGirl said...

Good one Fade. I wondered also if they were looking for WMD's. I know I'd like to shove one up his ass!

QuestionGirl said...

and I'm with ya on the Hillary thing. I have never trusted her. I'm on board with Edwards at this point, too.

old hack said...

Id rather vote for John Kerry again. I don't like edwards though. Just cuz I hate lawyers. Plus him and Hillary got caught trying to squeeze out my fat chance hero Gravel.

I don't like Hillary I was just saying. Since shes almost got the funds to buy the whitehouse. I don't think she's Bush lite though. I give her more credit. Bush got his empire in bombs and oil. Hillary will make his earnings look like a joke once she gets her "free health care" installed in our economy.

ah yes. "Lets not lower the prices befor we start paying for everything." Anyone have a clue as to why things cost so much to the government? cuz its easier to steal when there's that much flowing through the pipeline.