Jul 18, 2007

Dictator's Decree

Pissed on Population

As Polishifter says:

So the question is now, are you with your blog, or me with my blog, who criticize Bush and the occupation of Iraq, does Bush think we are "threatening the stabilization of Iraq"? And if so, can he seize our assets?

There's no checks and balances. There's no habeas corpus. There's no requirement of a warrant. It's just up to Bush to decide who's a threat and who isn't. And if he deems you a threat, poof, your house, your assets, your bank account, and all your possesions can be seized by Bush.


navyswan said...

To quote Bush, "Bring it on."

angry ballerina said...

So glad I blog about inane bullshit. Except I think I may have inadvertently threatened his daughters...Well, Blue did, I didn't.