Jul 11, 2007

Trust your gut

Fred's post on Chertoff got me thinking...

Chertoff and Lieberman are screeching like crazy lately.

Chertoff has a gut feeling that there's going to be an imminent attack. Is this just more crying and whining designed to round up the lost lambs of the bush base?

Or is it time for 9-11 part deux?

I wonder what part of his Gut has informed Chertoff of this imminent attack?

Does it have something to do with Phillip Perry, Cheney’s son in law, his connection to Chertoff, Lieberman, DHS and dismantling safety protections?

These guys are too arrogant to refrain from crowing about an attack so that they can be the first ones to claim credit, sadly (oh, so sadly), that they saw it coming.

They are the ones making it easier for our country to BE ATTACKED- as Art Levine notes in this telling article in Washington Monthly:

"The result has been that our chemical sites remain, even five years after 9/11, stubbornly vulnerable to attack. Philip Perry has hardly been alone in tolerating this. Others in the White House and Congress have been equally solicitous toward the chemical industry. But as part of a network of Cheney loyalists in the executive branch, Perry has been a key player in the struggle to prevent the federal government from assuming any serious regulatory role in business, no matter what the cost. And a successful attack on a chemical facility could make such a cost high indeed. A flippant critic might say the father-in-law has been prosecuting a war that creates more terrorists abroad, while the son-in-law has been working to ensure they’ll have easy targets at home. But it’s more precise to say that White House officials really, really don’t want to alienate the chemical industry, and Perry has been really, really willing to help them not do it."

The full article here- Dick Cheney's dangerous Son in law

This is what American has become. This is OUR DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY on nepotism, corruption, and power-madness.

Levine ends with this:

“In January 2007, Perry announced his intention to step down as general counsel of the Department of Homeland Security and was rumored to be returning to Latham & Watkins. Elizabeth Cheney, Perry’s wife, had given birth to the couple’s fifth child in July 2006, and Chertoff spoke of fully supporting Perry’s “decision to put his family first.” But there were other reasons for Philip Perry to leave government, too. After all, he’d done what he came to do.”

Foxes in the henhouse. They are not only as corrupt as you think, they are far, far worse.


Pam said...

The "media" (if it were worth half a damn) should be asking him about this "gut feeling." Looks DAMN SUSPICIOUS to me!!

Targa said...

Mr. Chertoff, what do you know and when did you know it?

I once found out about a company that was preparing to do a 3 way split of it's Class B common stock MONTHS in advance.... So I bought a shitload of shares. I was informed that my purchase would be investigated due to it's "timeliness".
I said, "I just felt that these shares would split. It was a gut feeling".
I was sentenced to 3 years probation and fined $125,000.00 for insider trading.

I'm thinking Chertoff needs to be investigated.

The above story was not true, I made it up to make a point. In fact it happened to someone else that I know.

The above disclaimer about the truthiness of my Insider Trading story is false. I don't know anyone that has ever been convicted of insider trading. CONVICTED.

mirth said...

This is veiled warning, a sly preparation for what is to come.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Interesting take on this story. I'm inclined to think that there's more to this story. The White House is now abandoning him on it by stating that the Preznint didn't know anything about Chertoff's gut feeling.

Natch, we in the blogosphere are prepared to dismiss it as another distraction from low poll numbers for the president, the war, etc.

Good piece, Fade. Good catch.

I pulled quotes from you - hope you don't mind.

Fade said...

Dcup- Feel free to take anything you like- My desire for blog fame falls at a distant second to my desire to have people spread the word and communicate what's going on.

But feel free to Link me- its long overdue, but am adding you to my blogroll...

Fade said...

If any body finds anything more about Cheney's son-in-law, give me the links...

Fade said...

If any body finds anything more about Cheney's son-in-law, give me the links...