Jul 20, 2007

That good old natural genocidal impulse

Ah, the Pro-Arab-"Displacement" crowd in Israel.

They use prettier words than Hamas, but they are ruled by the same simplistic, bloodthirsty mindset, where the end justifies the means and the only peace is that of a tomb...

I don't know exactly how I surfed onto this site :

Samson Blinded: A machiavellan perpsective on the Middle East conflict

a few choice excerpts:

"Peace treaties, like other barriers to natural course of events, suppressed many minor problems until they become one big problem."
"Nation-states hate to admit that peace treaties do not bring peace."
"Whether Israel reaches peace agreement with Palestinians or not, some of them will continue terrorism. Israeli government presents peace treaty as panacea forgetting that Israel recently sustained terror attacks even from Egypt, a country at peace with Israel and with strong security apparatus.
Carpet-bombing Palestine would solve the problem of terrorism only temporarily. The 1948 war inflicted on Arabs no less suffering than wide-area bombing, but the Palestinians soon returned to terrorism. "

"Instead of dismantling the settlements, Israel should line up her borders with colonies and give the Jews there a carte blanche for countering Arab terrorists – with punishing raids, if needed. Israel only needs to arm the settlers and turn a blind eye to their actions."

From the comments on the site:

And how convenient to dismiss the madness in war … “Rational—or honest—minds might argue that the causes for wars are usually silly or superficial, that enmity is forced on people on both sides otherwise content with each other” with no further discussion on the matter, replacing it with something completely different … “But that is a different issue, namely, do soldiers really need to die for the goals they fight for?”
But then defending the indefensible will always have its justification rendered as false and an abomination serving a personal agenda rather than promoting a universal cause.

- A Man From Mars

In case you missed it, we’re not promoting a universal cause. Our work is about a safe Jewish state. At whoever’s expense.
-Danny the Admin

Oh nobody misses that, Danny the Admin, it is so blindingly obvious……. just so long as it is not at your expense too, with everyone paying the price. How very magnanimous not.
Have you never considered that Peace is not something which you pay for but something which pays? A paradigm shift in conscious thought, I grant you, but a valid observation nonetheless.

- A Man From Mars

We desire to live peacefully in a Jewish state. That necessitates displacement of Arabs. Such things happen. In fact, they happened with the establishing of every state.
-Danny the Admin

Au contraire- America needs to let the Israel border be erased forever by refusing, finally, to be the big brother standing behind the gleeful sadistic midget that is Israel as it tortures its helpless neighbors. One day, we’ll treat Israel on equal terms with its neighbors: as one terrorist among many. No more weapons sales to Israel. No more ignoring Israel atrocities. Some serious economic sanctions ala Cuba ought to do it. Israel, unlike any other middle eastern country, HAS developed nuclear weapons illegally, with the quiet support of the U.S. Israel offers nothing as far as gains to the U.S. Supporting Israel is of no benefit to America and only hurts our country. So let these crazy Israelis attempt to “displace” the arabs (such a nice way to put it) but without American weapons, money, or resources.

How do you think Machiavelli would rate Israel’s chances?

Peace is an unknown concept to the greedy. It involves sharing and tolerance and equanamity; terms that no one who wants it all can accept. The people that refuse to believe in peace or attempting to live in peace are poor in perception and shallow of soul. It is their willingness to kill without mercy that weakens their own peoples in the long run.

Tyranny is never loved, and is an absolute path to self-destruction.


old hack said...

none of this is going to be worth worrying about when peak oil wipes out our infrastructure.

Fade said...

Oh, but haven't you heard? Saudi Arabia is setting up Alternate Renewable Energy centers while their allies, Halliburton moves its opereations to the UAE, and Bush oil magnates conspire to prevent our govt from implementing ANY new research in this area. Billion dollar players like Halliburton with Bush and Cheney riding shotgun for them don't do these things without reason, tax evasion issues aside.

They KNOW Peak Oil isnt going to last, which is why they are going to funnel as much money as they can toward becoming a leader in renewables. Meanwhile, Bush will continue to sit on his hands and ACTIVELY prevent any resistance to a continuing American oil addiction. "Send the methadone to Saudi, Dick, baby, the dope's just fine here."'


old hack said...

yea I'm thinking that all of this doc brown renewable energy isnt going to be implemented quikly enough and that we're going to fall prey to an unfair carbon tax that will be like the stories I heard about Russia when I was a kid. Where everyone had to wait 3 years to get a washer and dryer.

If we only have 20 years of Oil left even with Iraqs supply then that makes it neer impossible to implement any new kind of engine in the diffrent forms of shipping. That is to say if China doesn't poison us like they did our pets.

In other words. This empire is in no way prepared for a real disaster. We could barely get on with just having a few buildings destroyed.

Fade said...

you got that right...