Dec 14, 2006

Yella Elephants to tha Rescue!

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Malkin is going to Iraq to straighten out the Associated Press!

Who's playing Who? Malkin,
who has slimed Jordan before? Or is Jordan going to publicly humiliate Psycho Princess Malkin who is in line to inherit the Coulter Crown as Queen Bitch of the Right Wing since Coulter is going to jail for illegal voting?

I say :

Take her ass to Iraq. I want 24/7 Live coverage of Malkin sans body armor outside the green zone, wearing a tight American flag tshirt and interviewing the Happy people of Baghdad on All the Good news. I want to see her visit the neighbors of
Abeer Al-Janabi and ask them how they feel about the American occupation and if they believe that Barker really did it, or if it was all a hoax. I want her to march up to Al-Sadr's fortified compound and tell him to stop all his nonsense or Bush will blow him to kingdom come. I want to see her disarming roadside IEDs with a fork. Show us what you Got Malkin! She'll be the first of a GRAND CRUSADE of Right Wing Bloggers who prove they aren't Yellow Elephant Chickenhawks after all! I heartily salute her foray - and To any of those crazed Islamofascists who don't like Malkin going over there to prove that six Iraqis werent burned alive last week while 1000 others were murdered and kidnapped- I say: "Bring em' On"

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