Dec 22, 2006

The bigotry of Christians

Jeb Bush calls fellow Republican a Nut. Hehe. And in other news, the pot called the kettle black today... Juan Cole steps away from his usual play by play of violence in the Middle East to address the resurgence of Christian bigotry, both against Muslims and Mexicans.

I suppose the bigotry of christians has never really gone away, but recently it appears that it is getting worse. The christian community is increasingly having their asses handed to them on a variety of issues. "Intelligent" Design has been thoroughly debunked by anyone with an IQ over 76. Mainstream christians are turning to focusing on the teachings of Christ and not blindly accepting every translated bit of Hebrew in the books of the bible as the specific word of god. On top of this, the christian leadership, has, quite frankly, gone to hell.

Not a group to rally around rationality, the put-upon flock has embraced their worst instincts. Emotion drives religion. Faith not facts, and what you believe is officially more important than little things, like, say-reality. Feeling a little battered by evolution, the fossil record and an American public that is better informed about the history of christianity, they have backed into a corner and lashed out against their new satanic boogie men- the gays. That worked for a little bit, until a lot of people started looking around their own families, and realizing, hey cousin Sally and Uncle Joe are kinda.. uh.. queer. And unlike the real fuckups in the family: Bob, who beats his wife, or Tina, the town slut, or Jim's kid whose in prison for drugs - that gay guy don't seem that bad anymore. Plus, they find themselves squirming on the pews during more liberal readings of the New Testament that focus on forgiveness and loving one another and letting he who is without sin cast the first stone...

So, losing the very important moral ground in the War against Fags, they push deeper into themselves and latch onto yet another emotionally charged hatred- Racism! Yay, can't go wrong with that. "Why don't I make more money at the factory?" It's not because management just outsourced two divisions to Taiwan and India. It's not because the CEO just got a million dollar bonus because he successfully lobbied a Republican Senator to push a bill that killed safety regulations for the plant. It's not because the union was disbanded this year. It's those damn Mexicans! How dare those bastards come in here and work harder than us for less pay. It's goddamn Unamerican, is what it is! Can't even understand a damn word they say. What's wrong with those people, popping out children and getting free healthcare?

What-the-fuck-Ever. But hey, here goes the "Christians" attacking the Mexicans. Which is pretty damn ignorant, because most Mexicans ARE Christians. But hey, that don't count because they are poor, smelly and brown and everyone knows Jesus was a nice white guy, even if he was in severe need of a haircut so he wouldn't look like some damn hippy.

Painting themselves into a corner, the American christian community further emasculates itself. With the "war on Christmas" bullshit being bandied around by the fustercluck of patreetodic Amerkuns, their insistence on attempting to prevent gay people from committing to monogamous relationships, and now vilifying America's fastest growing group- well, let's just say the future of Christianity ain't looking too good.

Take a quick look around. We can shut the borders today and not allow one more Mexican into America- but we will STILL end up with a hispanic majority. So, wake up and smell the menudo you crackers! It's a done deal. Play nice. Take it from a redneck who lives in the Mexican ghetto: It's not bad. The food's good and these people actually go out of their way to help a friend. For free. Imagine that? What would Christ say? I know, he'd probably move to the suburbs.

UPDATE: Ellison answers Prager and Goode


Anonymous said...

Well, today, if Christ were around, I suppose he would be a homeless vet, maybe Mexican, probably dying of AIDS, hungry, poor, disenfranchised, despised, and hated. And he might even be, gasp, GAY.
What would he say? Peace.

caveman said...

Hmm..most of my family is of Mexican decent..They are pro war kill terrorist and lock up illegals..weird how you all think..

Fade said...

Bullshit. I live on the block with 90% Mexicans who are here legally. Most of them know illegals. They don't support arresting people for trying to find a better life. If you are in fear for an illegal alien, coming over here, barefoot, unable to speak English, with no skills beyond a desire to work hard - Then you need to get a skill set. These people ARE NOT Taking Americans' jobs. There is a whole sub-economy JUST for illegal Mexicans. Want to stop immigration? Don't give these corporations, and Farmer=Potentates a free pass when mass hiring illegal immigrants. When we start putting THESE assholes in jail, and they quit HIRING illegal aliens the influx of people will stop.