Dec 27, 2006

Fighting Government Terror tactics

(hat tip - Jesus General)

The Unapologetic Mexican has a fired up post about what is going on with the mass arrests of illegal immigrants recently.

You hunt my people, you hunt me. You offer false reasons, and you wag your guns and keys. You corral my people into jails, begin to terrorize and remind everyone who is The Master. One more time. I hope you understand what you are starting. But I suppose you do, and that is why even as we speak, you are fully prepared to level Martial Law on us all. Call me paranoid, just keep your nose to the wind, 'mano. Keep your eyes up, and don't drop your chin.

I—like these men, women, and children you now lock up—hail from the Indians who came to this continent, farmed it, and lived on the land long ago. Thousands of years we've walked this continent. Not two hundred. Not five. Thousands. You now score the scars that are hardly cooled. You now deepen divisions you would do better to heal.

When you abuse these people, these faithful scapegoats, these hardworking humans who helped build your nation—as my family has—who have tirelessly fed your commerce engine; people who starve in the shadow of this American goliath, these people who help put food on your own table—when you turn and persecute them, shove them into concentration camps because it suits your fear, your notions of White Supremacy, or your hypocritical political opportunity—my blood boils, you see. My hot, hot, memory-steeped, Mexican blood boils within me.

Fools. We are all living in the shadow of the crumbling empire, the falling dollar. You and I do not matter. Mostly, Mexicans don't matter right now. Unless they can be used. Used for their labor, for the symbolic value of locking us up, used to build fences to keep the rest out. While you suck up all the little pieces of culture that you find oh-so-tasty. I hope you choke on your next tamale, Nationalist.
And yet, you're
not done.

How many enemies does America need? How many factions can the Bush administration split our country into? Our Government has decided that Americans ARE the enemy now. Divide and Conquer. They couldn't win against progressives by calling us unpatriotic and terrorist-lovers (no matter if that false line of reasoning does have a few fanatics that believe it, such as Caveman). So now they figure they can win back some of those white progressives by reminding us we - are -white.

I don't think these people know Mexican Americans OR Progressives very well. The backbone of our country, like it or not, rests on the working class. For the past 20 years, the powers that be have pimped the myth that THEY are the spine of America- developing new business, creating jobs and stirring the economy upward. We have been lied to. While these business suits make million dollar deals and throw thousands in the toilet over power lunches in Aspen, they attempt to shift the rest of us like pawns. Their money and their illusion of power have blinded them AND US to the truth. But the truth remains: We are the power in America. But if we fail to comprehend that, then we might as well put these shackles back on.

Their fat profits have ascended from the ranks of the working class. Their affluence is a direct result of our efforts, not their own. And the only thing that keeps making them rise while the common man falls is our failure to realize that the power IS ours to wield. It's time to take the whips from the masters and lash a little ourselves.

Our complacency has weakened us. Every time that we have allowed their divisive tactics to work, we have given up more ground. It's time to stand together and take back. There is no good reason why some silver spoon asshole deserves to make 100,000 a year cutting corners and moving manufacturing jobs to China from Decatur just because he doesn't want a paycut! It's not giving our workers healthcare that hinders profits- its' quarter of a million dollar bonuses to these despicable outsourcing cretins!

They are destroying America from within, all just so they can continue profitting off the American workers' losses. It will eventually be their own downfall. The long-term outlook is grim for the American economy, if we continue on the path that we are on. But I, for one, don't want to wait for THAT day, when Larry Kudlow comes on tv, penniless, to sigh stupidly, and claim, ala the neocons on Iraq- "Ooops. We were wrong. 100% wrong. Why didn't anyone do something?"

It's time for us all to come together as Americans and fight for the American people- NOT The bloodsuckers in the business world. Those stock market worshipping CEO/used car salesmen who are moving their money to China, India, and Russia, all the while claiming that the American worker is killing America!

Misdirection Is THEIR key to success. Standing together for TRUTH is ours. Our country is in bad shape, that much is true- but it's not because of hard working Americans. It's not because of hard working illegal immigrants. It is because the money grubbing elite can't stand to part with any of the money they have made on the backs of all of us. They will punish any number of us to hoard their ill-gotten gains. It's time to remind them what American is For. And low as it has fallen - I REFUSE to believe that America is just another tin-badge Sovietesque Empire with a hard on for free-market enterprise. If it ever becomes JUST that- then we are all lost.


caveman said...

I live among the Mexican Americans..ummm they are all for sending illegals to jail ..and throwing them over the border..hmm weird huh..ohhh and yes Fade my family is of Mexican desent ..dont ya think your all paranoid?

Fade said...

We all live among the Mexican Americans now- and we will continue to do so as they are the fastest growing bloc of the American population. Better get used to it and stop trying to punish Mexican Americans for not being descended from Ireland, Italy,and England