Dec 21, 2006

Democrats Healing America

Hat tip - Americablog

This article by Bob Geiger is more reason to believe that the Democratic majority can and WILL get America back on track. Reviewing the malicious acts of the Republican party shows us just how much harm has been done by letting Republicans run the country. GOP Senate

The Do-Nothing Senate of the past Republican Congress was more interested in blocking Democratic legislation and stuffing their own bills with pork than they were in serving their country.

Bob Geiger's article illuminates some of the valuable legislation that those Republicans blocked. With the Democratic party in full swing we will see how the playing field has changed. I don't imagine the Republican party will be offering much more of anything. In fact, they will most likely sponsor LESS legislation since they know they can't force any more Corporate Welfare bills past the new majority. Their time as a majority highlighted their contempt for the American people and their vast greed.

Payback is a bitch, but this is not about payback. It's about serving the best interests of the American people, not the American CEO. Their trickle-down theory was just them pissing on the backs of the American people. It's time for trickle up. Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, our country is only as strong as our poorest members of society. We must strengthen the weak links and our country heals as a whole, grows stronger and is replenished and given new hope. I am not talking about "handouts" but real legistlation like raising working wages and rebuilding our underfunded Veterans administration.

The old way is a festering sore. It is time to heal our country. The Democratic Congress is a large step in the right direction.

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Anonymous said...

"Their trickle-down theory was just them pissing on the backs of the American people." NEVER a truer statement. That trickle-down crap started with Reagan, that batshit crazy asshat.