Dec 8, 2006

MCCS1977 taking a breather

It looks like the MCCS1977 will be down for a bit, so I will resume posting here only for the time being. So I guess there will be less frivolity and more political stuff.

Here are some good links for the day:

Consumption has finally caught up with us

Iran, temporarily not labeled as evil as they were pre-ISG report, moves forward with their plan to use the Euro and not the U.S. Dollar. Devaluing American currency

This is what it's all about- here's an popular post I wrote on the subject just as the neocons were heating up to attack Iran - Iranian Oil Bourse

Note that the American People, not any Political force, STOPPED our Government from attacking Iran. Knowledge is Power- but the ability to disseminate that knowledge is infinitely more powerful.

Is Lebanon Next?

The Nation takes on the 9-11 Truth Movement. MIHOP vs LIHOP, Paranoia, and this little nugget of wisdom:

"The antidote, ultimately, to the Truth Movement is a press that refuses to allow the government to continue to lie."

(laughing) Yes, oh yes, the public would NOT be paranoid if the press did NOT let the Government lie all the time.... Oh, man - are these tears of laughter... or pain?


spadoman said...

I invite you to read an essay entitled, "The Warrior"

It can be found HERE

Fade said...

Thanks for the link...

caveman said...

hey Fade Fred ok?..even if he bans me I care...geezz is that a Texan for ya??

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind, I'm gonna link you and unlink MCCS1977 till he comes back. Cool site here. And thanks so much for stopping by. I have seen your comments before and tried linking on your homepage, but it said "error" - so now I know where to link. :-)

The Thunderbird said...

Saw your post on Dave's Undisclosed in Idaho space. i too am a refuge from Spaces to Blogger (Beta). Good list of resources here.

Take care, Will

Anonymous said...

Fade, aren't you mortified that Dubya claims he's from our state? Carpetbagger.
I did go ahead and link you. Stay even if MCCS1977 comes back from hiatus.
Great blog here from another Texan. Dubya needs to adopt another state. I was thinking Utah? Or The Hague, perhaps?

caveman said...

Whos Dubya?