Dec 14, 2006

And the Not-SO-Merry-GO-Round spins on... Take a Spin

Israel Blocks Palestinian Prime Minister from coming across Border - Hamas storms Egyptian border - Only Israel could get away with blocking money in this fashion. The Palestinians are starving, unemployed, beaten, taunted, murdered and toyed with. It's like the Israelis purposely churn them back and forth until something explodes outward at them. Then they wonder why.

Haaretz on the story

Key Points:

  • Prime Minister Haniyeh was carrying $35 million in cash, aid raised for the Palestinian Government.
  • Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz ordered the border closed, which he has no authority to do, under the agreement signed a year ago

And in other Israeli Apartheid Action- Israeli Court says targeted killings of Palestinians is legal under Israeli law. About 1/3rd of the 339 Palestinians killed in targeted killings were innocent bystanders. So Israeli court pretty much says the IDF can kill innocents with impunity.

Also, Israeli Plain clothesed soldiers infiltrate a West Bank Refugee camp and assassinate a Palestinian, wounding 4 others and a 12 year old girl at the same time. Israeli Operations . Who says that Israel can't send their agents into Gaza to gundown Hamas/Fatah operatives? And this was done despite under the flag of truce...

Here's an article by Jimmy Carter for the Guardian

What the ISG Forgot to Say about Palestine

UPDATE: Israel allows Haniyeh to enter, but confiscates the money to be placed into an Egyptian bank which will then be transferred to a Palestinian Authority account.

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