Dec 21, 2006

No time to kill

Scarborough sees the light - Bush is delusional

A Soldiers perspective from the ground in Iraq

Blue Herald's Right Wing Cartoon Watch

Israel Apartheid

Saudis Snub Bush

Why Impeaching Bush is good for our species


Anonymous said...

Impeach. Convict. Imprison. Then ship his ass off to The Hague. On a commercial passenger plane, in the back with all the screaming children.

Fade said...

Every day is a day closer. Accountability IS A painful thing for the country to accept, at its highest levels of authority, but each day the American public comes a bit closer to understanding what a spoiled, ineffectual bully of a moron that we have as our nation's leader. And with such, we expose ourselves as ineffectual as well. Impeaching bush is cutting the cancer of his ilk from the body of America. Each day that we do not is yet another day that it may cause us to perish.