Dec 7, 2006

The War Against Yule!


Don't let the war against YULETIDE continue!

Celebrate Yule not Christmas- Don't be a sucker for the lies of Christianity!

Many of us know that Jesus wasn't born in Winter. Christians did what they did to every other people they subjugated- after murdering them wholesale and stealing their land- they set to converting these peoples, integrating their very holidays and religious days into "christian" holy days. Dec. 25 has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus, EXCEPT for the fact that some enterprising christian cultist decided to overlap Saturnalia and the Winter solstice by moving the date of "christ's birth".

Does God Approve of our Yuletide Rituals?

Yule is truly a Pagan holiday, from the christmas tree to the mistletoe to Old Saint Nick. Christians had crushed the facts and distorted the truth to help convert everyone they possibly can to enrich their clergymen. And for over a thousand years, it has worked. But the facts have always been there, to be understood by anyone with a simple desire to know more and pay attention past the lies of the preachers, evangelists, and Holy water salesman of christian mythology.

It's a War against Yule! The TRUE REASON FOR THE SEASON. Christians have killed, lied, distorted and destroyed their way across the planet. It's time to acknowledge a little TRUTH this holiday.

Celebrate the Yule, Don't be a goddamn fool.

A Christian speaks out against Christmas and tells it like it is
(ow, that hurt my head, just wrapping my head around a Christian who actually ATTEMPTS to reconcile the facts with his faith...)

Some say : The War on Christmas doesn't exist?! Bullshit!

Onward Yuletide Soldiers! Spread the truth, not some 3rd world wet dream about 'pearly' gates and streets of gold! Let them keep their bullshit religion to themselves. Laugh at christians who place their little nativity scenes with SNOW- ha! next to their gaudy pagan Christmas trees! Snicker as these fools kiss under the mistletoe and trade presents (all in the name of the fallacy of the tale of the wise men's gifts). Lustfully laugh as they one-up each other by trading material possessions in disrespect of ALL christ's teachings, all under the veil of "Giving" when its really all about what you get to them...

But in the end, Don't let your healthy scorn for these hypocrites outweigh your respect for the power of a million clueless dolts. Dolts they are, truly, in every sense. But they are also the most bloodthirsty successful idiots on the planet. Steered by a few evil men, their masses can commit any murder, torture, rapine without flinching simply by moving you and your people into the "unsaved" column. When they rationalize that fairy tale demons will be malignantly roasting you for all eternity, it kind of shuts off what "morality" they have. No one wields immorality with the righteousness of Christian zealots.

So, Be Aware! This is what we are up against= a mass of superstitious cultists, who pray for an hour a week then spend the rest of their time glutting themselves on power, luxury, and greed! They will desecrate THEIR OWN RELIGION a thousand times in a week, then gleefully call YOU down for failing to mind the tenets of THEIR faith that they ignore.

But for every person that still has the capacity to
THINK- we have a chance. By exposing the Vanity of their hypocrisy we still have battles to win.

If we lose, THEY will get their own Apocalyptic Fate- Because a world run by christians is surely doomed to
self destruct.



Karl Rove II said...

Let slip the Corgies of WAR!

caveman said...

Merry Christmas Fade from my family to yours.. : )

MichaelBains said...

Now that was a truly wonderful rant. I love it!

Happy Holidays Fade!

Daveidusa said...

Incredibly you are so correct. They dare to express as Jesus might, yet all the action, all the performance is nothing but, hate, and destruction. The founders of the United States in infinite wisdom saw the possibilities, saw the Church of England wrapped around their political atmosphere, saw the destruction. As some were Christian, more were devout to the separation of church, and state for a fundamental reason. In their eyes America would not crumble in the same atmosphere yet, the mean, cruel actions speak loudly. I am so sorry to witness this country following a direction non-thinking, religious zealots are taking us. As we continue, we are supposed to believe our President is holy in that context.
American society is sick,immersed in an artificial Christianity that acts nothing of the sort.
Oh well, who really cares?

Steven Bently said...

The Bible is Pandora's box for mental disease.