Dec 29, 2006

Unleash the Metal Gods of War

I know I shouldn't encourage him, But I feel that all Americans should be able to voice their views and opinions so that we may find a common ground.

(And- sometimes, maybe a LOT of the time, it can help us realize how batshit-crazy some of our fellow Americans are)

But kudos go to those among us, even the "leftest" haters like Caveman- when they help make the blogosphere aware of such Kick Ass methods of dealing with terror...

Woo Hoo! YES- Unleash the Metal Gods of War! Combined with violent Gangsta rappers in Impalas soon we will celebrate glorious victory against the Terrorists..
1-8-7 on a muthafuggin raghead, yo! Disrespect dat flag, fool? I be bitch-slapping Osama, word.

See, we should be giving GUNS to gang members and violent hippy-haired metal guitarists (along with some wicked camo pants that can be shredded for like, maximum radness).


I sometimes wonder why these YO-YOs on both sides don't see how much they look alike to the rest of us who have somehow managed to stay sane. And Caveman, before you wind up to call me a terrorist-lover for the umpteenth time- You betta recognize, fool.

Both sides of your bloody coin are donning camos, picking up rifles, dropping bombs and chanting nationalist rhetoric to justify killing. I watched your other video, and for the first few seconds, I wondered which type will it be- will it be soldiers blowing up Iraqis to the cheers of Caveman or will it be Iraqis blowing up soldiers to the chagrin (look it up) of Caveman... This time it was ied on US forces. They are hard to tell apart sometimes.

More assholes blowing up people. And for what? You don't even fucking know, do you?


navyswan said...

Hey, I take offense at the Impala comment. lol I have an Impala. Of course, so do the MA's on base. (that is the equivalent to MP in Navy terms).

I find this funny, "1-8-7 on a muthafuggin". That is supposed to end with COP. Ahh, Sublime.

caveman said...

Yep 9-11..i know? still want terorist to win or America..just a question..your husband you want him to tell his grand children...yep we lost ..a war....woo hooo.. I love you guys

Anonymous said...

Fade, doncha know that all of us who want PEACE instead of senseless killing are terist-lovers?
Just a question for CAVEMAN. ARE YOU IN THE MILITARY OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN? Or just another repuke chickenhawk? Just go ahead and answer here. Nevermind, I'll do it for you.
1. No.
2. Yes.

caveman said...

Hill..I am not in the military...I do what all my friends and family in the military want me to do ...Support the war..not run from do you support killing terrorist?..remember AL-Queda is in Iraq...answer?

navyswan said...

Cave dweller,
I don't have children, so I can't possibly have grandchildren. Iraq has nothing to do with "terrorists". Shut up. Thank you.


caveman said...

Swan..Al-Qued is in Iraq are you now becoming delusional?..ohh wait yes ..and Swan if you dont have children then tell your cats ; )

navyswan said...

They weren't there before we invaded. And they still make up only about 1% of foreign fighters in Iraq. Iraq is a mess right now b/c it is a CIVIL WAR.

Fade said...

I really don't have anything important to say, I just want to brag that old man or not, I am still standing after new years with a bunch of 20somethings and I hold the kegstand record.. Other than stupid shit like that... Happy New year