Mar 20, 2007

With a little help from my friends...

and one fuckin trollbaby.

Because you know my shit ain't worth reading unless I am pissed off and steel toe booting Chickenhawk morons...

Bonus: Caveman Assist!

from Ze comments:

and nothing will happen..dreammm dreamm the impossible dream..Hey found this on a web site

"Raiding American Forums is Among the Most Important Means of Obtaining Victory in the Fierce Media War… and of Influencing the Views of the Weak-Minded American"

And boy do you left take the bait.
Off to work Haliburton rules..pipes are now flowing with oil from Afgan mountains to the awaiting boats among the seas..Oil for my SUV and your tricycles.
(Caveman, from deep inside Cavemanistan,waxing almost poetic)

Pay attention to your Cro-magnon betters, old unwise one.

That quote sounds like it came straight off Gonzales desk, for their freeperville agents. Spare me the neocon talking points. (Blog Terrorists!? There's probably piss running down your leg as we speak.)

Interesting organization (that Memri site you sent me to). It purports to analyze Middle Eastern Media. Except it misses ONE WHOLE COUNTRY in the middle east- Israel. It claims to be "nonpartisan". It's based out of DC and has a branch office is Jerusalem. One of its main subjects is an Anti-Semitism documentation project. Gosh you mean them arabs don't LOVE jews? Crazy, man.

Basically it's a compilation of every negative media article that comes out of Arab countries. That would be fair enough, IF it stated that was its purpose. But it pretends to analyze All media reports bad AND good. It's just another Israeli think-tank hitpiece, funded by morons like you, Caveman- (tax deductible of course) to help promote hate against Arabs. Using terms like "Islamist" instead of Islamic. The term of course, was coined by neo-cons.

I did find THIS though on their site- that refutes what you are saying about "blog-terrorists". It is meant to show that Egypt is anti-free speech, but what it shows is that a lot of arabic bloggers are just like us:

"Thanks to their immensely wide distribution, blogs have become more than just a platform for [posting] news and analyses - the [bloggers] also follow the news, interpret them and respond to them… It is no longer possible for a restricted group of individuals to dictate public opinion, shape it and recruit it [for their purposes] - the blogs have [shattered] the monopoly on information that was [once] held by a few traditional players. Blogs constitute a new means for pressuring the government [regarding] its public policy and the transparency of its decisions… They have become a platform of political participation, and are used by people on the Internet to protest and to demonstrate against the government's policy…
"Blogs, just like the traditional press, must be subject [to the principles of] freedom of opinion and expression, since they [reflect] the extent of reform and democracy [in the country]… The arrest of bloggers, and their persecution by the security [apparatuses] reflect uncertainty on the part of the government regarding the concept of freedom.
"How can [the government decree that people] may not be imprisoned for publishing [an opinion] in the press, but at the same time persecute bloggers for publishing their opinions? Freedom is not a principle that can be applied [discriminately]. It cannot be upheld in one case and disregarded in another, [under the pretext of] protecting [national] security, and at the expense of [civil] liberties.
"Blogs constitute an alternative media platform, and are no different from the written press. Consequently, there should be an organization, a legal association or a syndicate to defend the bloggers' interests and publication rights."

Ah, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy, knowing that freedom is growing due to more and more bloggers from the middle east. It's called progress, bud.



Progressive Texas Chicano said...

you're about as big as a shit-stirrer as I am fade! you damn anti-Semite!

Fade said...

yeah, anybody who doesn't bend over and kiss the feet of Israel is just a frickin nazi wannabe.

What-Eva. I know neocon bullshit when I sees it.

Those Israeli Peaceniks- now THEY have got it rough. Dodging IDF bulldozers and the bullets of hardliner assassins.

They've got balls. And my full support. That reminds me, I need to do a post on this really good Israeli-Palestinian peace organization. Get them some much needed cash.

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

did u hear about Israel coming to a grinding halt today regarding some national strike.

quoting one John Lennon:

"Power, to the people! Power to the people RIGHT ON!"

supergirlest said...

if i had a dollar for everytime i've been called an anti-semite for critisizing israel's policies...

spot on as always - straight offa gonzale's desk to fox news to your comments section. every time. wihtout fail.

and bwa-ha-haaaa indeed! this kid's hope is reignited!