Mar 12, 2007

Halliburton moves Headquarters to Middle East

Ah, the good old United Arab Emirates. Good for business. Tax shelters for all the money Halliburton made overbilling the U.S. Government in Iraq. Now Halliburton can "Give Back" to the community that has supported them all these years - The Terrorist community.

And, to all of you who claim that American Corporations AREN'T Outsourcing in record numbers just to avoid paying their taxes and decent wages to Americans - This is all I have:

FUCK YOU, Who Aid and Abet Terrorism.

I hope that Halliburton and their Anti American policies get EXACTLY what they deserve.

TRAITORS, every last one of you who work for this company and don't quit as soon as possible. Get a real job with a company who isn't funneling money made over the corpses of Good American soldiers to the Middle East. And it might be a Good idea to do it quickly, as Halliburton could be starting layoffs in massive numbers in Texas.

The men who run this company are soul-less bastards who are selling out America.

Halliburton's Accounts should be immediately frozen and all further payments from the U.S. government stopped while investigations are opened. Was this why Cheney was in the Middle East last week? Gladhanding sultans and oil connections for his past and most likely FUTURE employer?

Treason. Prison for all war profiteers who have made money while Americans bled and died in the deserts of Iraq for these traitors' lies.

UPDATE: Chris Floyd tells us of yet another Scam where scumbag "businessmen" are buying up the debt of poor third world nations and then blocking aid to those countries until they make a pretty profit. Thousands will likely die as a result.


supergirlest said...

funny how those that claim to be fighting terrorism are actually funding it and in complete denial. not funny ha-ha, either.

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

i say raise their fucking taxes by the percentage of dead US soldiers...3300%??? take cheney the human clot with ur sorry asses!

Targa said...

In January I did a little snooping on Halliburton and went into their quarterly reports (they're available online) and discovered this.

n 2000, Halliburton reported a 4th Quarter net income of $5,000,000.
In 2001, Halliburton reported a 4th Quarter net income of $141,000,000.
In 2005, Halliburton reported a 4th Quarter net income of $1,100,000,000.

That's $1.1 Billion dollars. In ONE quarter year.

And I borrowed this from Rick Jacobs at HuffPo:
Since the invasion, David Lesar, its CEO, made over $40,000,000 (that's forty million dollars) in 2004 alone and by some calculations, has made at least $150,000,000 (one hundred fifty million) since the war began. It's hard to tell just how rich he has gotten on the intestinal tracts of our soldiers and the bodies of his former employees, but it's probably enough money for him to live happily ever after in several countries outside the U.S. – Rick Jacobs, Huffinton Post, Sept. 17, 2006
If ANYONE from Halliburton denies this is about enriching an already rich cabal, then they are traitorous scum.
As Vito Corleone said to Michael [paraphrased], "The one that comes to you for a meeting. That's the traitor."
The mob is alive and well, and has renamed itself U.S. Government.
And as I mentioned at Simply Left Behind, they will enrich themselves on cheap labor akin to the days of the pharoahs. Think pyramids.

Fade said...

Targa- Great information, thanks!

Caveman said...

and so does George Soros Invests $62 Milion In Halliburton


me to

Fade said...

Uh. Soros is a Hungarian Billionaire, the 80th richest person on the planet. Is that supposed to impress me? You and the hungarian can support The United Arab Emirates all you want. SO You are admitting That you are a traitor to our country for money?

That's pretty low.

Hill said...

Fade, do you remember all the brouhaha when the UAE were going to be owning our ports? So now, Halliburton is set to become a foreign company, right? And we have a foreign company supplying our troops? WFT?!?!???
Imprison these Cheney buds & throw away the key! Oh, and take ALL their money away first.