Mar 14, 2007

Fighting the rage that grips us all

I was over at Orcinus today- reading an encyclopedia's worth of rightwinger quotes about killing Americans like me because they don't agree with my opinion as a fiscal conservative and social liberal. Eliminationism in America

I get just as bloody-minded at those people at times- A lot of us on the liberal side aren't pacifists, even if we don't think violence solves everything, we know that it solves a few things-

I bookmarked that Orcinus post and everytime I lose my temper and go into a rage, I am going to go there and reflect a bit. I am guilty of sometimes demonizing the other side they way they demonize us and when I do, I think that eliminating them is some kind of grand answer. But reading their brutal and simplistic comments reminds me of Sunnis and Shiites killing each other in the streets of Baghdad. Seeing story after story of people who once got along and lived together in relative peace- now reduced to killing each other mindlessly - shocks me back to reality.

Right wingers killing liberals or vice versa isn't ANY kind of answer, and it only takes a minute of calm, collected thought to understand that. We have to be better than that- because it would shatter America completely if we allow ourselves to get baited into hating each other.

We have to be strong and intelligent- and those of us who are actively working to bring our country back to its roots are doing that and winning against this administration's corruption.
I have to keep reminding myself that the closer we get to success, the more people will be able to get past the Corporate media and comprehend the truth about our President's team of liars and oppurtunists. But with every step we take forward it forces the tiny minority who is left on the far right a step back. And their anger worsens. But that's all that they have: impotent rage and wet dreams about Militias overthrowing the government and killing anyone who ever said Dubya was an idiot.

So, I'll let them spout their vitriolic nonsense as Caveman did in an earlier post. I'll let them expose just how shallow and low-minded that they are.

Like lasting peace in the middle east, our goal of defeating terror in our country will ONLY be achieved in a non-violent, diplomatic way. When a majority of the parties involved realize that this violence is ignorant and self-defeating, we will finally be able to institute some real peace. Maybe it will take yet another lifetime of people dying on all sides before the warhawks can understand that there IS another way.

Violent closeminded idealogues don't understand that. Al Quaeda and the Taliban are morally equivalent to the right wingers who support torture and murder. Those of us who support peace are on the front line in this battle for the hearts and souls of not only our enemies, but also our very own neighbors. We stand against the fears of ignorance, racism, xenophobia, and most of all against the Greedy leaders who use those fears for their own ends.

We stand FOR what is right, because if we don't stand together for what IS right, then we have failed, the country has failed and we will fall as a nation.


pissed off patricia said...

That's such a very good post and it makes all the sense in the world. There are some desperate people in the far right wing of our country and they sure do enjoy spewing nasty mean messages. Are they mad at us or are they mad at themselves now that they see they have been used? I think that's a lot of it. They know they were wrong but they just hate to admit it so they take that hate out on the left.

Caveman said... Fred you have surrendered so I want both of you to go up and give Osama a peace flower..let me know how it goes..geezz....remember to bring a big scarf..a little less painful on the neck..and now that you accuse our men and women for being like them you need to go to Freds commander and tell him to he tortures people..gosh beast you

Im so glad you are very few...ohhh thats right we have camps going up for anti Americans..yesssss

Caveman said...

Al Qaeda Chief Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses to Planning Sept. 11, Gitmo Transcript Shows

Arent ya glad we water boarded this tard? or do you all believe that its still BUsh fault or the Big Corps for 9-11?
BUAHAHAHAHAH dang Fade I love ya. Fade you know whats funny the word verification to type to keep spam out says imafok did you set this up for me??im so honored

Fade said...

uh= for what, brainiac? Do you think Bush couldn't possibly trot out some Arab, ANY arab and have him say whatever the hell you want him to? KSM was NOT captured because of Torture. Torture didnt lead him to uncover any NEW plots. He sounds like he's bragging about what he did in the first place and has been the whole time, so I doubt KSM had to be tortured at all. The big picture doesnt involve capturing a bad guy. We did that, all without torture. The big picture is that we didnt catch these assholes BEFORE 9-11, because our CIA guys were CALLED OFF THE INVESTIGATION by yet-unnamed officials prior to the hit on America. No, I don't believe that Mossad and PNAC was involved in 9-11. I just think they knew there was a high likelihood of it occurring and they took steps that made it EASIER for these guys to make an attack on America- NOT HARDER> And that, my friend, Is HIGH TREASON. So who do we waterboard now? Cheney? Wolfowitz? Olmert? Should we kidnap some Mossad guys and SEND them to Dubai for some torture and see what they know? Not gonna happen, and it probably wouldn't work. Because Torture doesnt work. Life is not an episode of 24. The only new info that we have gleaned - has been using non-torture methods.

KSM- please. We caught him using all the methods I approve of- good investigation, not torture. So this is what you need torture for- just to make some asshole confess?

Torture can't PREVENT terrorism. You can only beat somebody til they say "Stop beating me. I did it" What the fuck good is that? We knew who did it. What I want to know is why the surveillance of Atta and his boys was Stopped a few months before Sept.11 by some high ranking officials. The 9-11 investigation was blocked by some Key Republican Senators. What do they NOT want us to know? TRAITORS.

And by the way, Why does KSM hate America? You guessed it! Israel.

As usual, you miss the forest for all the trees...

Fade said...

And HOW did we catch KSM?,12469,911860,00.html

Not by torturing an AL Quaeda fuckhead, but by giving him $27 million dollars.

I guess it isn't as macho as waterboarding, but unlike waterboarding - it works. You have to remember- these guys aren't devout muslims- any more than Bush is a devout Christian. They all use the bits of their religion they like and discard the rest. Al Quaeda and men like KSM take angry kids, brainwashes them and sets thim to do the dirty work. While KSM wines and dines like a Halliburton exec. You can't beat an interrogation out of these kids- It only makes them believe everything that they've been told: That America is an evil empire. But you can show them how they have been used by scumbags like KSM and reward them for narcing him out. THAT'S how you do it, buddy. THAT'S how we got KSM.

Results, torture-tard, Results. They speak for themselves. How is that network of torture facilities working out to catch Osama?

Uh, About as good as Bush's FEMA organization,eh?

When will you dumbasses learn?

Frederick said...

No problem, If I see him I'll give him a flower, and I maybe seeing him for all I know (and soon), just not in the way you might think.