Mar 12, 2007

Republicans destroying our Military

Paul D. Eaton, Major General, U.S. Army, ex-Regional Commander of the Iraqi troops, speaks:

"We've got this thing that, you know, so many military believe that Republican administrations are good for the military. That is rarely the case. And, we have to get a message through to every soldier, every family member, every friend of soldiers that the Republican party, the Republican dominated Congress has absolutely been the worst thing that's happened to the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps."

Eaton, again: Casaulties of the Budget Wars:
Times Article

General Petraeus: "Any student of history recognizes there is no military solution in Iraq."

General Eaton: "This administration has dropped this load on the shoulders of the U.S. army and the Marine Corps - and you have seen absent the state department and the rest of the President's cabinet in trying to get after the political, the economic, the diplomatic solutions that we need to work to get this thing done right. But the military has been shouldering the entire burden of this drama since 2003. It's high time that we get the rest of the United States government into this fight."

Bonus: Hey Caveman, I found your perfect Cavewoman:


Frederick said...

People like Caveman spit on our troops by supporting these Republican scum.

supergirlest said...

hmmm... i thought everyone knew by now that the whole "spitting on the troops" thing is myth. read it and weep, cavey:

and as far as any "spitting" goes now, it's far beyond that - it's criminal. we have troops RAPING their fellow troops that are women. we have troops returning home with ptsd and being told that can't be treated for months that are committing suicide. we have troops being sent into battle with no support or proper equipment. the list goes on and on. and who is exactly responsible for this? not someone holding a peace sign - those who call the shots. republicans. not even republicans, but neo-conservatives. it's criminal, and it's a disgrace.

Caveman said...

Look up Josh Spaling..he can tell ya if he was spit on..and Fred you choose to let these people do this to our troops?...hmmm these are your brothers..and they are calling your brothers rapist and murders..your on the wrong side

we have troops RAPING their fellow troops..hmm that was from Superdork

And Fred supports this?
scary the way you still have not answered my question who do you want peace with?????

Fade said...

Um. Caveman. If a soldier comes on leave and rapes my daughter or yours, does that mean he should get off Scot free? There are fuckups everywhere, some in the armed forces. The military, IF it IS going to let woment enlist, should institute policies that protect every soldier. Right now, some military policies turn a blind eye to punishing these rapists for various reasons.

So what about the Female troops who got raped? Should they NOT be supported? Come on, man wake the fuck up and quit making these dumbass excuses. Who is spitting on our Troops right now? Bush- by cutting funds for Veterans in many ways SO HE CAN GIVE TAX BREAKS TO MILLIONAIRES WHO DONT SERVE, Whose kids dont serve, and Who dont even bother to reinvest in their own country.

And Duh, you pyschopathic fuck- Fred like EVERY OTHER SANE Person desires a Peaceful world that is safer and better to live in.

The world you dream of is a dark hellhole, who the fuck wants that?

Caveman said...

umm by the way ..everyone in the military are volunteers we are at war Fade..and you choose to lose..dam need a nice place mat so your knees will not be skinned when you are bowing to Allah