Mar 29, 2007

Moonbats vs. Reality, Installment 3,252,622,154

Arguing with the moonbats over at Will's place (Attytood)...

Bush and the bloggers

From Someone who doesn't want Bush to read bad news...
"From a Democrat... Why would Bush want to read blogs that are bad? Honestly...what good does it serve. It serves no good what so ever Will. Leave it to you and the fringe Dems to make a point of this. Honestly, what purpose are you serving for the democratic party. If the dems were smart they would be figuring out a way to create unity, rather than a divide."
Lewis ... (a democrat, honest! Wink!wink!)

My Response:
Look - Take off those rose colored glasses.


There is a way for us to create unity - and the first step to that is for us to ALL pay attention to the REALITY- Not Bush and McCain's LIES about what is going on in Iraq. Every time some ill-informed citizen that still believes in Bush hears this crap come out of his mouth- they are kept handcuffed by illusions.

Embrace Reality. Some of us "Fringe" (That is 70% of the US population, NOW) aren't going to pretend to believe in outright lies just to get along with the corrupt people who saddled us with this Iraq monstrosity!

It's time to face the music folks. The pro-war, right wing crowd WAS WRONG. After five years, it's time to deal with REALITY and move on. Time for you Iraq-War Stalkers to give up hiding in the bushes outside Iraq's window hoping to get a peek at some juicy Freedom. It's NOT THERE.

And please, don't fall for the Persian Gulf of Tonkin crap either! It's time for the warhawks to trade in their Emperorer's clothes/bondage war outfits for the suit of a diplomat.

Ireland recently made a historic achievement. And they did it with DIPLOMACY, DISCUSSION, RESTRAINT. After hundreds of years of violence.

It takes a bigger man to avoid a fight. So let's stop with the asinine shove-match and talk this bullshit out. Knocking a beehive off the tree isn't working out so well. It's hard to harvest the honey while you are being stung by a hundred pissed off bees. And it damn sure doesn't accomplish much to tell the bees that we've saved them the upstairs flight.

QUESTION: What's your opinion on the music jukebox thingamajig I added? Yea or Nay? I could always just add it as a blogpost instead accessible by a sidelink so that it doesn't automatically play. And if you have any good music suggestions- let me know!


SadButTrue said...

I think that beehive they mistook for a piƱata turned out to be a hornet's nest. (my latest entry in the Milking a Metaphor Derby) The oil revenues that Wolfowitz predicted would pay for the war either never panned out, or are being secretly diverted into a Cheney/Halliburton offshore account. (Gawd, that last bit never occurred to me before!)

I rarely if ever engage in arguments with right-tards, relying on Thomas Paine's observation, "To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, is like administering medicine to the dead." Preaching to the choir could be said to be similarly ineffective. And yet, Bush's popularity was once around 90% and has fallen to less than 30. Every day some silent soul on our side is convinced to speak up. And every day the growing choir's voice reaches out to someone in the other camp. Thanks for making me think of that.
Jump put a podcast on our blog, and it froze my browser sometimes. Mind you, I have an ancient system running WinMe, with not that much memory, and I like to multitask (usually have three or four tabs up in firefox) - that's a consideration. We put it in a separate post so you had to click to start it. BTW, what the hell is going on with Django's 'Tears'? It is playing at double or even triple speed.

Fade said...

Oh man... to think they might actually be secretly pocketing Oil profits AS WELL AS leeching the treasury dry to fkn Halliburton. You just cant put anything past the bastards. MOVING TO THE UAE. Boggles my mfkn mind.

busker said...

As is my default reaction here, great post. Nothing really to add except an answer to your question:

What's your opinion on the music jukebox thingamajig I added? Yea or Nay?

Yea. I hung around and listened for a bit last night. You might want to disable the autoplay in case people are already listening to something, (I wasn't; it's just a thought) but otherwise, me like.

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

I WANT the jukebox thingy on my blog!

Help a mezz'kin out FADE!