Mar 16, 2007

To "Saint" Patrick: Imeacht gan teacht ort

As we enter into Saint Patty's day, the Irish side of me leaves you with this thought:

A real man of Eire rues the day that Patrick brought jewish Mythology to the Emerald Isle.

"If Christianity is St. Patrick's "gift" to Ireland, the noted saint should be burned in effigy by every self-respecting Hibernian. What he brought to Ireland was the hang-over of an abominable superstition, hatched in ancient Israel by an insufferable tribe of Bedouin barbarians, whose culture for the most part, as measured even by the standards of the time, was abysmally low."

"How different might have been the history of Ireland if St. Patrick's "gift" had come from the pagan world, with its rich treasures of literature and learning. The classical culture of the Greek and Roman civilizations, with its love of knowledge and inquiry, its appreciation of art and drama, its unsurpassable glorification of wisdom and intellectual liberty would have raised the Emerald Isle to something less pathetic than a broken reed among the nations of the world. Intellectually pauperized, Ireland has suffered more from her venal priesthood and groveling superstition than from her plagues and famines." Celebrate All Snakes Day! Heathens History


busker said...

You've got Irish in you? Well, then...

May the winds of fortune sail you,
May you sail a gentle sea.
May it always be the other guy
who says, "this drink's on me."
- an Irish toast


- from your friendly neighborhood Scots-Irish/British Polish Jewish American. :)

Fade said...

Cheers! I'm half Irish and Half Native American, which means I always appreciate the chance to get a drink from a friend. :)

Fade said...

(among other bloodlines hidden in my families' dark histories...)

busker said...

I'm half Irish and Half Native American

I thought I remembered reading that. Apache, right? Now that's what I call an American mix.

No wonder you're such a scrapper. ;)

Caveman said...

im Scot and half Irish..Irish are fighters..I see more of surrender in you Irish in ya..maybe you have more French then you im going to go and sing a song..fight brother fight for what is right...Surrender to hate and terrorist is what you might...I raise my glass for Real men...not wussys that the end fade its bend over to pray to the Mecca or die..

dam..a new song

Caveman said...

IRAQIS - LIFE IS GETTING BETTER: Most Iraqis believe life is better for them now than it was under Saddam, according to poll published Sunday... MORE...

ohh thats right you want Iraq to lose to the terrorist

Hey did you hear about the terrorist using Gas bombs eecckk dang not even Hitler used gas on other now where is your condemnation of these acts of terror?...none? why?..its Bush fault BUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH time..and the green kind is a flowing

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Heya Fade...guess who stopped by my blog and left a comment? A stupid one at that? That big ol' gay porn star/right wing hack Cpl Matt Sanchez. He asked how could anyone take my blog seriously considering the language I use. I emailed him back and asked him, "you're asking ME how I AM supposed to be taken seriously?" "Are you fucking KIDDING ME!?

stupid whore.

anyway, happy stp you ol' mick!

Peace and green beer,

Hill said...

Fade, I knew there was a reason I liked you!
Well, that and being a Liberal in Lubbock.
Were there any anti-war protests up your way? Probably a silly question.

Fade said...

What the Hell ever, cavey. What is it with your fixation with Mecca and bending over. Did some Middle Eastern guy leave you at the altar or what?

And you better believe I don't surrender. 4 brothers too. I was told as a child that If they find out I come home from school and they heard I backed down from a fight I would get my ass kicked ten times as bad when I got home.

Making someone ELSE (our troops) stand up and die for you is not bravery on YOUR part, Caveman. It's the worst sort of cowardice. Standing up for what you believe in is the Bravest thing you can do in this country. And I believe that our sons and daughters are dying in Iraq so some rich Halliburton asshole like you can buy a summer home while he sits at home and tries to PREVENT our troops from Redeploying back home.

Quit being such a coward and helping Corporations use our soldiers for their dirty profits. Support the troops. Bring them home.

and PTC- fucker!