Mar 9, 2007

Shame heaped upon shame

Just Business in Mr. Bu$h's Iraq

Hundreds of billions wasted on warlords and bribes and war profiteers... while their children die. Would you love America for what it has done to your country if you were an Iraqi?

There was a way to make a difference, but we just didn't do it. What is the Right Wing rationale this week? Are we fighting terror or giving them freedom?

Or are we starving and murdering an entire country until there is not one Iraqi left who doesn't hate us with their entire being?


Caveman said...

Hey did you hear we caught a big time Al-Queda terrorist in Iraq... woo hooooo..USA USA...ohh im sorry Fade..this makes you sad...hmmm well I hope that the water boarding torture is comfortable

Caveman said...

Ohhhh to answer your other questions

Other things that bore Caveman:

Osama's current whereabouts...hmm even if we caught him you would be sad..and blame the worlds problems on Neocons..BUAHAHAHA

Constitutional rights..we are at war..but according to you we what is it to you?

Terrorism on the rise due to Iraq Invasion..Dam this has been going on for thousands of years..Islam..=assholes..and you under Islam would be bowing to Allah least thank God you live here among Christians that don't give a rats ass if you have no God..

Our Troops.. I support want them to retreat and be spit Vietnam..

Hey who do you want peace with???
10:08 AM

Frederick said...

You supporting them over at Walter Reed, Cavey?

Caveman said...

Ahh you still cant answer my question Fred..Yes I support them at Walter Reed and them dip shits no longer work there..And from your side of looneys they spit on the troops Fred and yes they deface memorials..ohh yes Fred I seen your pictures of graffiti ..soo Fred if you go to a protest and they deface the memorials of our fallen you would do what????..come on fred ..not one now tell me who do you want peace with Fred??

Fade said...

Damn, Cavey, Menopause giving you hot flashes again? So Walter Reed is ALL Fixed now, because 3 assholes got fired? And Cavey, You know as well as I do, that Fred, as ONE OF OUR TROOPS, is not spitting on the troops beside him. Who's spitting on our troops right now? You are, Caveman. Fred's serving, you aren't. I'm not. It's real easy to boil it down to wide black and white perceptions, but its a little harder to work through all those gray areas, like the terrible way that this government is currently "Repaying" our troops for their service.
If guys like you were SERIOUS about our military, you wouldn't want them treated this way. Yeah, the military's a tough gig- I get that- But its not supposed to be a study in HOW to Demoralize our Armed forces from within. The money IS THERE, that could fully fund the maintenance of our wounded soldiers. But its not being SPENT on our front line machines of war-the troops. Its being funneled to Warplane projects that don't even get utilized and high tech research that ultimately won't ever hit the front lines. Billions go to pork projects while our soldiers get killed by a guy with a $100 worth of hardware store weaponry.

The BEST Weapons that we have IS the United States Fighting man. If we don't take care of THAT vital piece of "Equipment" then what the fuck do you think will happen to our defense? Don't listen to me, man, I'm just like you, A civilian. Listen to A trooper tell you how it is. Listen to Fred. Because he is a lot closer to to the shit than we are.

Caveman said...

Me listen to Fred?..he carries a peace sign during war time..he wants peace with?...I was his troll I disowned him (i was banned 40 times buhhaha) see that is why I am are a civilian and so am I ..Fred was so upset he kept banning me..its like child like. And by the way family and friends that are in the fight they want to win not you and others...

Fade said...

Bullshit, Caveman.

I don't want my kids to inherit a lifetime of Terror because of a President who has THIS:

As his priority, not fighting terror.

This is fucking madness. I know you hate arabs, why in the hell do you think we can "teach" them to get along? Why should 10 U.S. soldiers die each week why we are "giving them Democracy". Fuck this shit, C, If they want Democracy, let them figure it out for themselves. Letting the Republican party slowly bleed our Army and Marines to death is not WINNING a war. this ain't a war, its a civil occupation. And it only helps AL Quaeda and hurts America in the long run.

I wish I knew how to could that fact through to you...

Fade said...

oops- I wish I knew how to get that fact through to you.

Frederick said...

Why aren't you driving a truck for a military contractor in Baghdad yet, Cavey? Why aren't you out there supporting our troops? Coward.

Caveman said...

ahhh here is the famous why are you not driving a truck for the USA...well im old and deaf..but you see I have balls to support the war on terrorism fred you dont..

Dam Fade I wish I could get to you ..maybe one day when you are bowing to Allah and sticking your ass in the air you will think of me?

Fade said...

Not this American. I don't bow to anybody else's religion.

Cowboy the fuck up. You really think Arabs are taking over the world? I don't quite think so, bud. Leave them in the fucking desert, let em have their oil, let them stay right there, destroy Israel if they want, I don't give a damn. If we aren't poking the bees' nest, trying to get their honey, they Wouldn't be so deadset on stinging us.