Mar 13, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Israel says: "America must stay in Iraq longer. And while you are fighting our battles for us, turn up the heat on Iran."

AIPAC marches on

"Iran hasn't threatened to attack Israel militarily, and in fact has denounced the killing of innocent civilians. The Iranian regime doesn't like what it calls the Zionist occupation regime, and hopes it will dissolve the way the Soviet Union did. But Tehran hasn't threatened an attack. Olmert's insinuations to the contrary are typical of rightwing Zionist propaganda, in which aggressive and expansionist intentions are always dressed up as defensive in nature. Olmert--that great military genius--isn't someone Americans should be listening to on the subject of war. And, he should be careful in seeming to try to influence the US government to stay in Iraq, since such a stance is extremely unpopular and getting moreso over here. Sooner or later the American public is going to rebel against the hold that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee has over the US Congress, especially if they think it is getting their children blown up halfway around the world."
(from Juan Cole's Informed Comment)

UPDATE: What the hell is with these Israeli politicians?

So in between building illegal nuclear weapons, bombing civilians, sniping children, imprisoning Palestinians, Lebanese, and any body else they feel like without a trial, cutting off water supplies to civilian areas of Gaza, and bulldozing the houses of family members of criminals - they find time to relax and sexually assault their women, or in the case of the Ambassador to El Salvador, sexually assault themselves.

Maybe all that murder and sponsoring apartheid just kind of makes a man horny. It's like their leaders are a combination of the worst parts of Warhawk Cheney and Perv Clinton. Maybe all that aggression is just going to their heads.

I think we should help Israel help themselves out. It's time we stop making excuses for their actions. Their naked aggression towards their neighbors IS The number one cause of terrorism. They have broken more UN resolutions that Iran COMBINED with Iraq. They meddle in the politics of America, and run their own Mossad psy-ops in our country, unquestioned and unfettered by America's current crop of political cronies.

It's time for some tough love. Zero money for Israel. Zero aid. Zero fighting THEIR wars. Zero putting up with their spies in our government offices.

No more helping hand. It's time for Israel to go it alone. It will be good for them- maybe they will learn diplomacy without Big Bad Bubba USA watching their backs.
If they can't, well they will have to deal with the consequences of their rapine and murder. It's far past the time that U.S. soldiers die because Israel can't keep it's dick in its pants.
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Caveman said...

BUAHAHAHAh a good post from the terrorist supporters you are...woo hooo

Hey Iran has threatened Israel and US with military ..and have Killed numerous marines..dam fade you and your terrorist supports are still on the wrong side ..

Ohhh I remember when that girl from Washington i think her name was Cory she was helping poor terrorist children and she was flattened by a IDF bulldozer..I cheered. pancakes for all.welp another dumb leftest bitch dead..sigghh

Hill said...

The Israelis have become what they deplore. Terrorists.
This I say to them.
"Not in my name. Ever."

GraemeAnfinson said...

The Democrats in charge of Congress are the biggest supporters of Israel.

Fade said...

I'd say Lieberman is the biggest supporter of Israel, (explaining his warhawk ways) but is he really a Democrat anymore? And yeah, I know, too many Democrats blindly support Israeli neocons while they curse American neocons. It drives me fucking nuts.

And as for your comment about that little AMERICAN girl (Rachel Corrie)who was killed by some IDF asshole on a bulldozer-

Really man, that's just shitty. You have a daughter. I hope to god she is never killed by a terrorist-Arab OR Israeli, for standing up for the rights of people who can't stand up for themselves.

Do you THINK that Israel is helping itself or hurting itself everytime it kills an innocent person.

You know, scratch that- You don't THINK and I don't give a shit anyway after that scumbag comment you made. Cheering on the death of a young American girl for standing up for what she believes in.

It's Americans like you that make our whole country look bad. You Fucking piece of shit.You ought to be ashamed.

Fade said...

oh, just for clarification- the first paragraph was for Graeme, the rest of my last comment was for Caveman, whose comment today moves him just a little right of that vapid slut Coulter.

Caveman said...

Fade my daughter is smart remember she knows right and wrong ..young mulsim men =terrorist young men from Israel= democratic people that are under constant attack from Islam...ohh shit I forgot the last 3000 years..dam is been young Muslim men not Israel killing people..So if my daughter went to the terrorist side I would say good riddance..and hope she gets flattened like a pancake like that other traitor..

Ohhh I saw the movie 300 last night ..all you leftist needs to see this movie ..

Fade said...

Standing up for what you believe, AGAINST Israeli's apartheid, murder and oppression like Rachel Corrie did, is NOT terrorism.

Running over an unarmed woman with a bulldozer and going unpunished is.


You idiots won't be happy until America becomes under attack daily for our actions around the world will you.

Look around, brainiac. Invading Iraq has not helped a goddamn thing. It's only made it worse. Did Israel running over that girl HELP anything? Fuck no. It dropped the veil from the world's eyes about just HOW Nazi-Like Israel NOW HAS BECOME. And our government did NOTHING. Why? Because somehow, somewhere, our politicians have had the idea ingrained into their minds that Israel deserves a free ride from us. Jews and Palestinians alike suffer under this constant murder on both sides. Those that want peace are labeled by murder cheerleaders like yourself as somehow embolding terror. That's bullshit. Terrorism isn't created by peace and understanding and atttempting to get along with your neighbor. It's created by fear and helplessness.

Israel is doomed if they continue on their warlike path. Israelis have done it just like you have wanted - for the past 40 years- Caveman. They have bombed and warred with their neighbors and won everytime. And still, they die, in revenge attacks against their wars. YOUR Way doesn't work. It Can't. But you are too fucking stupid to see that. If you and your ilk would put your bloody pom-poms away and let the adults talk- then maybe we could live in peace. And peace IS a better way of life than war. Any fucking day. But go jerk off to 300 and your cartoon war fantasies, Rambo.

Frederick said...

"ohh shit I forgot the last 3000 years..dam is been young Muslim men not Israel killing people.."

Wait, isn't Islam only 1300 years old?

Anyways, people like Caveman are Ideological suicide bombers, can't reason with em'.

Fade said...

Fred- yeah, I know. Its my idealist side. I'd rather argue with one of theirs than discuss with one of ours cuz I am a sucker for punishment like that.

Was over at Orcinus today- reading an encyclopedia of rightwingers posting about killing Americans like you and me because they don't agree with us.

I get just as bloody-minded at those people at times- A lot of us on the Socially liberal side aren't pacifists, even if we don't think violence solves everything, we know that it solves a few things-

But I bookmarked that Orcinus post and everytime I lose my temper and go into a rage, I am going to go there and reflect a bit. I am guilty of sometimes demonizing the other side they way they demonize us and when I do, I think that eliminating them is some kind of grand answer. But reading their stupid comments reminds me of Sunnis and Shiites killing each other in the streets of Baghdad.

Right wingers killing liberals or vice versa isn't ANY kind of answer, and it only takes a minute of calm, collected thought to understand that. We have to be better than that- because that would shatter America completely if we allow ourselves to get baited into hating each other. We have to be strong and intelligent- and those of us who are actively working to bring our country back to its roots are doing that and winning against this administration's corruption.
I have to keep reminding myself that the closer we get to success, the more people will be able to get past the Corporate media and comprehend the truth about our President's team of lying liars. But it also makes the tiny minority who is left on the far right more and more mired in their anger. But that's all that they have: impotent rage and wet dreams about Christian Militias overthrowing the government and killing anyone who ever said Dubya was an idiot.

So, I'll let them spout their vitriolic nonsense, as Cavey did today and expose just how shallow and low-minded that they are.

Like peace in the middle east, our goals will ONLY be achieved in a non-violent, diplomatic way. When a majority of the parties involved realize that this violence is ignorant and self-defeating, we will finally be able to institute some real peace. Maybe it will take yet another lifetime of people dying on all sides before the warhawks can understand that there IS another way.

We are on the front line. Against the fears of ignorance, racism, xenophobia, and most of all against the Greedy leaders who use those fears for their own ends.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Caveman wants his own daughter to be run over by an Israeli bulldozer. That's pretty messed up, even for him.

I sure hope someone in Fuckland, Texas reports him to child protective services for cheering about the potential murder of his own daughter. He presents a danger to his own family. Unbelievable.

Caveman said...

Cool sorry she is of aged..and not stupid like Cory supporting terrorist ..dam i was hoping they would arrest her parents and try them for treason?...nutty huh