Mar 15, 2007

Crimelords in office

(RE: The Gonzales Wiretapping Investigation from over a year ago)

I remember when the news came out that the investigators didn't have "Security Clearance" and I was like WTF? Who the hell is accountable in this Administration...

Then, there goes Alberto Lewinsky testifying without being under oath, kinda like those oil barons when they were all conspiring with Dick Cheney to craft their own version of Energy Policy. Hell, what next? Let Sex offenders write up Abuse laws under Foley?

The Attorney thing isn't even close to the level of illegality to what Gonzales did in the Wiretapping scandal. There's only ONE Difference. Democrats control Congress now.

Do you get it now, Republicans and Right Wingers? No matter HOW you try to defend these guys, they are out and out career criminals with less concern for the laws of the U.S. than they are with the life of a minority dying in the streets of Baghdad.

They used YOU because they needed your money.
Well, they got it.
Are you proud of what they have done to the Republican party?

Not to mention Der Shrubenfuhrer himself.

Bush isn't some Clueless noble at the top- He's as guilty as the rest. Just because he's stupid doesn't mean he hasn't been in on every dirty scheme this admin has put over on the American people!

CALL your damn Reps and tell them the time to completely disband this criminal empire has come!


Caveman said...

Hers a good one while im still in the mood..ok moonbats..if KSM knew there was a Nuke in America and we had to torture him to know which city the Nuke was in..would you be happy to torture him? and he tells where the bomb is or keep feeding him great Chicken alla king ..and let the bomb go off? heres the challenge for all you moonbats..a yes or no


Fade said...

Inner Monologue: Okay, count to 10...Remember, he's just a kid
Sometimes it breaks a parent's heart. Has he learned NOTHING since he's been coming here? He now types out complete sentences and his spelling has improved immensely. He seems to be paying more attention- and all of us are really proud of him- even the instructors that can't stand him, then BAM! He hands in another zero paper. You know, you raise 'em the best you can, you try to get them to ask the right questions, to be independently minded, then they go back to hanging with that old crowd of bad influences. Makes a parent sick, I tell ya.

But ya gotta get back in there, keep swinging, fight the good fight. Turn Cavey forward and steer him in the right direction.

End Internal Monologue.

Okay, Cavey. If there was a nuke in America, the terror cell would detonate it as soon as possible and there's no amount of torture that would make KSM reveal where it was in that short period of time. And his allies, as soon as he was captured - would change everything anyway to plans KSM wouldn't have a clue about.

So "24" plot aside, it's not gonna happen like that. Military officers have even TOLD that stupid ass tv show that they have it all wrong and they wish that these morons would STOP Glorifying torture. Because it really is having a bad effect on you Cavey. You're grounded from that show, mkay?

Personally, I think we should try KSM, and if convicted, hang him, shoot him, electro scramble his ass, whatever. Just do it quickly and sedately with little or no fanfare. Do it, dust our hands off and move to the next REAL criminal or terrorist. Don't Hold them in prison forever. Either convict them if you have the evidence or let them go if you don't. Our laws are good, they should be applied in all cases to those who are accused of crimes. We shouldn't be injecting the guys with LSD or playing mind games with them like American Padilla. If you have the evidence, put in front of a judge and let's roll. Otherwise its just all bullshit that UNDERMINES our Justice system. Personally, I don't need a nazi system of brownshirts listening to all my phonecalls and kidnapping me in the middle of the night, not letting me take care of my family, not letting them know where I am, and not allowing me a lawyer.

That's about as UNAMERICAN as it gets. No American deserves what the are doing to Padilla- especially when it looks like they apparently have no case and are just continuing to fuck with his mind until he, too confesses to SOMETHING,ANYTHING.

That ain't justice. And its not doing a damn thing to deter the REAL terrorists.

Now think about your actions AND THEIR CONSEQUENCES. Your a good boy Caveman, with all the potential in the world. Don't ruin your future by hanging out with those Right wing dead-enders.
Now go play.

Caveman said... rather kill Americans then torture terrorist thought that

fade it was simple yes and now young boy..