Mar 15, 2007

How to Catch An Al Quaeda Mastermind

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession is being released to the public. There's not a whole lot of details, and some things are being blocked from the public, but he has taken credit for a whole slew of terror activities against the U.S. and says that although he has been tortured, he wasn't coerced to confess.

We got him, that's the main point. We caught one of the criminal terrorist masterminds. That's good for every American, Leftie or Rightie. But some of the right wingers are already crowing about the benefits of torture. Some are happy that we are torturing him because we know he's guilty. Okay, I can understand that mindset, but let's not pretend that torture yielded anything BUT punishment in this case.

KSM was captured four years ago, and we are just NOW hearing about this confession? Better rewrite some of those "24" Scripts. Torture takes this long? Who knew? Sarcasm aside, the only thing we have learned from KSM is about the past. Reading over the reports made the day after his arrest up until today- we knew almost his entire history PRIOR to capturing him. We were told the month of his capture that KSM began talking much sooner than anticipated. He immediately volunteered quite a bit of information from the get-go. All of this has been reported, years ago. Why is this confession somehow "new"?

While they were getting all this 'useful' information, did he tell us where Osama is? If anyone knows- this guy would, right? Has all that knowledge prevented Al Quaeda from exponentially increasing its membership? Has all that information resulted in breaking Al Quaeda?

The arrest "is bringing us significantly closer to Osama", one official said. "We appear to be just hours behind him ... Khalid Sheikh said he met with him in December. We were months behind, then weeks, and now hours behind him."

Well, not really. Does this mean torture, the right wingers all-purpose fantastic answer machine- Doesn't actually work? (gasp! WWJBD?)

Presumably there is not much he can tell us now- he has been in CIA prisons for most of the time that Al Quaeda has been expanding ala Iraq. He can't tell us jack shit now. So, why is the U.S. government keeping this guy alive? Why after four years, has the Bush administration failed to try him, convict him, and execute him? If we have it all right there, let's get it done. Why reward him with extra days of existence on the planet?

So, torture didn't help us with KSM, but it helped us capture him, right? Right?

Uh, actually...,12469,911860,00.html

We used a different method to catch KSM. We paid a member of Al Quaeda $27 million dollars to rat him out. I guess it isn't as macho as waterboarding, but unlike waterboarding - it works.

You have to remember- these guys aren't devout muslims- any more than Bush is a devout Christian. They all use the bits of their religion they like and discard the rest. Al Quaeda and men like KSM take angry kids, brainwash them and sets them to do the dirty work. While KSM wines and dines like a Halliburton exec.

You can't beat an interrogation out of these kids- It only makes them believe everything that they've been told: That America is an evil empire. But you can show them how they have been used by scumbags like KSM and reward them for narcing him out. THAT'S how you do it, buddy. THAT'S how we got KSM. Results speak for themselves. How is that network of torture facilities working out to catch Osama?

About as well as FEMA, Wiretapping Quakers, the Iraq Rebuilding effort, Privatized health care for our wounded troops, and every other idiocy promoted by this incompetent administration.

KSM was caught using traditional methods. He gave up all his information early in his incarceration. He is of no more use, and we supposedly have plenty of evidence to tie him to 9-11. What did torture give us? A confession, after four years. Weird timing, that.

Torture in unamerican, unchristian, and unreliable. We aren't the Soviet Union, we aren't Nazis. It's time to move the United States away from corruption, immorality, and fascism and back to the nation admired by the world for its freedoms.

It's time to get rid of the rats in the White House AND Walter Reed. Just consider it a failed experiment. We had one party rule for a while. They took away our rights and started a couple of wars. They blew the money in the treasury with their wild schemes in the middle east and failed to take care of a disaster here at home. They took a page from the Soviet Union while SOMEHOW FAILING TO REALIZE that Russia's heavy handed tactics lost them Both Afghanistan, Chechnya, and splintered their empire. So, come on guys- The Experiment's Over.
Give us back the country. You've fucked it up enough.

UPDATE: Digby lets us know why it's hard to believe a confession released 4 years after we caught KSM in the middle of the biggest White House Scandal yet...
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