Mar 2, 2007

Salvation from Christians

I got this email today, and it just made me sick:

Hi People,
I am writing to ask all of you to please say a prayer for my nephew.He was in an awful auto accident today and may be dying as I write.He is a confused young man and doesn't know the lord as his saviour.His dad is an atheist and his mother is not,and he isn't sure if there is a god or not.So,I ask for all of you to please pray for his soul as well as his recovery.I also ask that you pass this request on to anyone you might know.Thank you so much and God Bless You All.
*Susan *Last name Deleted

I sent this reply:

My best wishes to the boy and his family. As a father and an atheist myself, I know that his father's pain is no less than a christians'. I hope the son recovers. And I hope that for his family's sake, people can focus on the reality of this tragedy and not force any undue stress on his family with this holier-than-thou proselytzing.


Yes, for me, I was extremely nice. This family has suffered the greatest of tragedies, the injury and perhaps death of a child. And this Christian busybody bitch is more concerned with pointing out to everyone that he isn't a christian than she is about his survival and recovery.
He "may" be dying. He is "confused" because he isn't in touch with the lord like me, ya'll. What a big bag of worthless self-righteousness this woman is. You know that some of the people she emailed are other relatives. You know that she's just GOT to stir up shit while this family is in the worst possible situation.
These stupid ass Holier-than-thou, flat-earth, jesus rode a dinosaur to school, Jesus supports the war, christ condones torture morons are just the worst possible scum in America. In their zeal to save your souls so you can be with them for all eternity (THAT'S FUCKING PARADISE?!) they set aside all humanity and decency just to once again point out that they are going to heaven and the rest of us heathens ain't.
Well, isn't that special?

I feel for this poor boy and his family. If he survives, surely these assholes will claim the power of prayer saved him so he could become a tithe-paying servant of Christ. If he dies, the family will hold his funeral while every two-bit, backbiting christian whispers behind their backs about what a shame it is that poor Timmy is going to burn forever cause he didn't say the magic Christian formula.
Their prayers won't save him anyway, according to their own religion. If he didn't go to an official church of INSERT AUNT'S DENOMINATION HERE and get baptized/saved and help buy the preacher a new suit then he's one fucked little kid anyhow.
Give me the happy hunting grounds anyday over a heaven filled to the brim with these self-righteous assholes.

And yes, I understand that Not ALL Christians are assholes or hypocrites. But take a good look around your church sometime. They are there. Why IS that, exactly? Jesus' teachings were very good: humane, liberal and full of compassion. Until his head got big and he decided to tell people you weren't getting into the promised land without giving him and his memory fealty first. But then again, all we have are the gospels to claim that. And in many ways they contradict each other on the whole salvation thing. Maybe Jesus' head didn't get big- Just his disciples' heads, the unemployed hangers on whose livelihood depended on their connection to Jesus.
oh shit. There I go again. Please Jesus, stop me before I do another in depth analysis of the gospels. Thank you.
I hope that kid gets well. And I hope if his father and him get wind of his Aunt's "assistance" they tell her to kiss their asses.


Progressive Texas Chicano said...

an a recovering cathylick and a proud non-believer, i disregard any message at this level. i too hope for the best for anyone who is in a dire/life or death situation. but for me, i rely on science, medicine and good ol fashion know how. god didn't invent penicillin or any other medicines. humans did. period. end of fucking story!

Pam said...

My grandmother died an atheist in a family of catholics. She died after a three year battle with cancer (resulting in an amputated leg & ghost pains) and a 50+ year marriage to an abusive asshat "true believer" of a husband who went to Mass every single day, for all the good it did him. She said if there was a God, he was cruel and heartless to give her this life so she chose not to believe. My aunt tried in vain to convert her on her death bed.

She was one of the most giving and loving people I have ever known. I can't wait to see her in hell!! (if I actually believed in hell, that is).

Fade said...

The only immortality you'll ever have is your children, and their children, and theirs.

supergirlest said...


Caveman said...

fade instead of blabbing about religion you and others need to give him money because he might not have any health care like that toothless kid..come on Fade give to the poor confused ones now..

Yep im back from my trip what a enjoyable place sigghhh...

Mary Mak said...

Am I the first Christian to comment? I think so.

I usually don't go to Church for the reasons you stated. They are hypocrits. They are more self-absorbed and concerned about the appearance and acts of Christians.

I get looked down on because I am the college girl with band shirts, ripped jeans, and strange piercings. But I can guarantee I know more about theology than any of them. Blind faith is an insult which is why I have my own blog on discussing topics like this.

And you too for that matter.

If you studied the Bible and theology you would know that giving money and perfoming good deeds does not get you into Heaven. If it did, I'd be fucking screwed.

The Bible is divided into Law (what we are supposed to do) and Gospel (our need for a savior). Through this we learn that Jesus died for our sins so that we have to do NOTHING except believe. And even that is a gift from God.

Anyone who is trying to get salvation by being a good person....I'm sorry to tell you that your failing miserably. Any time you try to take your salvation in your own hands, you lose.

Have fun in Hell.

Fade said...

Well, to be honest, Mary Mak- I bet every single one of the people above has been a Christian at one time or still is but agrees with my post.

"If you studied the Bible and theology you would know that giving money and perfoming good deeds does not get you into Heaven."

The Bible and theology are just works of man, not god. I have 100% Faith in that belief. And not much in Jewish mythology.

The only salvation we have is in our own hands. Anytime you surrender that to someone else's God you become a sheep. My god is everything around me- its the universe and it's me. There is no heaven for the goodies and hell for the baddies. We have existence, enjoy it- do good works to make this existence better and more bearable for us all.

Because in my experience, its the "Believers" who make hell come to earth.