Apr 25, 2007

Show your Support

C&L points this out..

Let Sen. Harry Reid know that the American people are behind him all the way!

Email http://reid.senate.gov/contact/email_form.cfm

or Call him here: (202) 224-3542.

My email ..
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
As someone who lives in one of the most partisan strongholds of Bush supporters- Thank you so much for standing up for what is right. There are hundreds of thousands of us across America, not just in your state, who stand up and cheer when you speak truth to the dictatorial powers that have trampled our constitution.

Do not Submit. Do not Sway. The American people want Immediate Withdrawal and they are increasingly behind the Democratic party due to your worthy efforts.

I AM A Conservative. Yet I cannot support the Radical actions of the Bush presidency.
It is only by the actions of YOU and those like you, who DARE TO STAND UP FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and constitutional law in the face of a tyrant like George Bush, that we shall retain this great nation.

Thank you.

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