Apr 9, 2007

Bring on the Dark Ages

150 graduates of Pat Robertson's Nutball college work for the Bush Administration


These are the people who don't believe in Global warming or evolution because there is "no proof" but yet they DO Believe the earth is only 6000 years old, that the fossil record is a test from God, and that Noah loaded up 2 of every animal on the ark. oh yah- and Jesus is coming back to save his real believers.

It's time to discard Mythology from our government. It's time to put the pre-programmed christianists to the sidelines where they belong. It's a shame that so many people who aren't even jews have been conned into worshipping a mishmash of old testament jewish mythology and new testament messiah mythology that a majority of jews have since turned their back on.

2,000 years ago, a bunch of bass-ackwards, uneducated jewish tribesmen infiltrated the Roman empire with the onset of christianity. It destroyed Rome (along with plenty of corruption) and brought on 1,000 years of educational devolution. It's happening again. The morons are taking over the country.

If Religious nuts take over America, they will ruin it. Read up on some Revolutionary writing- catch up on your Jefferson and your Franklin, your Washington and your Adams. This country was founded on keeping these religious idiots OUT OF GOVERNMENT.

Every day when I run into one of these bamboozled, brainwashed christians, I shudder. Jewish elders must laugh theirselves apopletic at times watching the antics of these fools who have adopted the Old Testatment as their own history. I see Irish celts, Africans, Asians, and a host of other people who have had their own wonderful colorful histories, religions, and mythologies who have turned their backs on it all to fall to their knees before Christianity. Weak minded fools all.

The ones that disgust me the most are my own fellow native Americans who have assimilated Christ into their lives as well. It's bad enough that christians stole our land, despoiled it and committed genocide against us. But in final defeat to see a native american let his very SOUL be stolen is the biggest shame of all.

Progress has been made and I welcome it. But it has been made in despite of the religious nuts of the ages. Those fundamental fools who cursed Copernicus, burned "blasphemers" and murdered those who sought science and progressive thinking still exist today. Their dream of 'progress' is deconstructing science, ignoring anything that debunks their precious supersititions, and recreating a Patriarchal domination led by religious overlords.

These people, weak minded and weak spirited, desperately need someone to collar them and hold their leashes. Segregate us and categorize us. Tell us what to do, O Lord. For we know not what we do.

Well I can see what these fools are doing to our country, right now; with their blind eye to torture and their open arms welcoming of war, with their meek submission to a Master who kicks them as a matter of discipline. They curl up at the feet of their master, whining pitifully, wanting desperately to lick the boots of someone- ANYONE- who will take away their uncertainties and give them something to believe in, a direction for their pitiful, otherwise meaningless existence.

Add some true meaning to your life. Dedicate yourselves not to some god in the sky- but to your world, to your fellow man, to your children and your legacy to the existence of mankind in THIS WORLD. Become a leader, not a follower. Don't make your goal in life to simply become richer than your neighbor.

Make your goal to make your world richer, not just yourself at the expense of everyone around you.


Ziem said...

Not all Christians are like that or believe that.
I know a Methodist minister who says it's his belief in God that makes him a liberal.
I know a church group that are demanding and organizing a "separation of church and state" march on the White House.
I know many Christian organizations that organize anti-war protests and impeachment demands..

The religious right, is who you are talking about. Those who demand we live by their rules, their way.. Those "people" are clouding the good works of the true Christians. It's sad.

Fade said...

Z- True enough. Normally, I just relegate these "bad" christians to one pile- but more and more- The bad pile and their actions have grown to be more and more indicative of Christians in General. If Christians really lived by Jesus' teachings in the New Testament- then EVERY church should have come out against this war. But they haven't. And I don't expect they will.

Here in Lubbock, the war is a subject that gets passed over when morality and Jesus' teachings factor in. Crickets chirping on that front. They will gripe about cussing on teevee and boobies at football games, but stopping the murder of Iraqi civilians draws a blank look from the congregation.

The INACTIONS of Progressive Christians versus the NONSTOP ACTION of the Pro-War Christians is staining Christianity. I have never been a fan of Christianity,it's true. But until the past decade, I haven't considered Christianity an ACTUAL THREAT to Democracy, freedom, and logic.

Now I do, and thousands of others are starting to question Christianity as well. The Fundie nutjobs are HURTING Christianity, not helping it. By all means, get your fellow Christians together and fight against the Churches who support torture,war, and further impoverishing the poor. You've got a battle on your hands- walking into that multimillion dollar chapel and explaining that they are making a mockery of Jesus.


Ziem said...

Oh, I absolutely agree! The religious right is destroying our democracy. They would prefer their church in our state - yet be the first to scream in the state entered thir church. I have no respect for organized religion. None. But I do know many good christians who believe in the freedoms and the seperations - as outlined in the constitution. I just think it's sad that the loud-mouthed/pro-torture/pro-war/pro-judgemental croud are drowning out the good will and good works of others. Bad apples and all that...

busker said...


My best friend is a born-again, and he can't stand the Christianists. Jimmy Carter is an evangelical and he's probably one of the most compassionate and intelligent presidents we've ever had.

I'd venture to say that Christianity itself isn't the problem, but those who abuse Christianity (or any other religion, such as Islam) for worldly gain are. Seperating the wheat from the chaff in that area is difficult, particularly in modern America where Christian-ism has become a powerful commercial industry rivaling any other, but if we don't, we're doomed, because 1) Christianity isn't going anywhere any more than humanity's general need for religion, and 2) broadly attacking Christianity without carefully distinguishing the target drives good Christians to join bad ones against us seculars. After all, Robertson and others have said over and over that we don't care about their Bible and that our "agenda" is to get rid of it altogether, and when we portray Christianity itself as the enemy, we prove him right, and thus encourage fence-sitters to join him in what they perceive to be a defense of their religion. They don't have to agree with everything he says, they only need to have more in common with him than with us.

Contrarywise, when one quotes obscure scripture (for example) to support one's anti-theocracy argument, one creates common ground with good Christians and they're more likely to listen. Not only that, but by putting the lie to the claim that we don't know crap about their Bible(s), we call into question a lot of other things they've been told to expect from the "secular" world.

So of course we do need a lot of luck... a miracle, even, because we're fighting a deadly and unprecedented combination of religious fervor, modern industry, and nationalism... but IMO, if we try to stop the Christianists without the help of good Christians, we'll fail. Some of the best arguments against the abuse of the Bible can be found on the pages of the Bible, but the trick is that if one doesn't open it up, one'll never know... and us not bothering to open it up is exactly what the Falwells and the Robertsons of the world are banking on.

I'm not disagreeing with anything you said about Christianity's many past and present abuses, though any longstanding institution, religious, political, or otherwise, is responsible for abuses. I'm just sayin' that absolutism of any kind is bad medicine. It's always good to be mighty careful with the baby while draining the bathwater, and if we want to see more action from progressive Christians, we can help make that happen by giving them more actionable input.

Fade said...

Busker, great comments- very good analysis. I have come at this from many different angles. Most of my posts on religion were on the old House of the rising sons- Hypocrisy drives me nuts, but I realize we all have more than our share at times. I get just as fired up as any evangelical when I channel my own 'faith', which has evolved over the years, from careful study of religion and long years of soul searching. I try to not "push" it on anyone, just as some christians don't attempt to push their religion on me. But, as anyone who comes here for even a little while can see- I definitely have absorbed a little Fire and Brimstone preaching fervor from my years of being surrounded by it.

But beyond even my personal spiritual belief is my American belief in "Live and Let live". My freedom to swing my arms stops where another mans face begins, as they say. But when you feel like you are getting pushed into a corner by people whose beliefs are helping destroy your freedom and your very environment- You get more and more urges to push back.

Curtis Greene said...

It's a good thing that these "religious christians" in the Bush administration will all end up in Hell when they die. You don't have to be a christian to get to heaven. You must be a good person.

Ziem said...

Busker does a wonderful job at saying what I think. lol

Please understand, I'm a spiritualist. I don't believe in hell or organized religion, I do, however believe in the teachings of the new testament. I truly wish the religious right would just go the f' away! They don't speak for me or a number of Christians for that matter. They speak for themselves and their "interests".
Okay, look, being a spiritualist, I do not want catholicism being taught in school. Religion, the lack of, whatever, is to be taught at home, NOT in schools and most certainly NOT in the halls of congress.
Being a country of many different faiths, and non-faiths, this is a home and cultural thing, NOT a government thing. 12% of this country is Muslim, 26% is Jewish, 9% is Hindu. Every American deserves their right to freedom of religion. And the American government needs to speak for all, therefore, a TOTAL separation of church and state.
Fade, my dear, am I making any sense here? lol

Fade said...

Yes, Z,my dear, you are making perfect sense ;).

Total Separation of Church and State is the ultimate in Neutrality. If one religion is taught, then they must ALL be taught, and beyond being impossible, it also exposes the children of the religious to faiths other than their own. And I KNOW that the religious generally don't want that! Keep it at home, and in your churches- Let School nurture a children's mind. It's a parents duty to nurture their children's souls.

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Religion is for the weak-minded. I have felt that way for years.

Telling religious people that there is no god is like letting all the air out of their tires.

I often call churches moron conventions, but that's just me.

Ziem said...

Amen Fade.

busker said...

Thanks for the kind words, Fade, and Ziem: I aims to please. :)

My freedom to swing my arms stops where another mans face begins, as they say. But when you feel like you are getting pushed into a corner by people whose beliefs are helping destroy your freedom and your very environment- You get more and more urges to push back.

Oh, I totally understand and relate to that. As you can see, I'm religion-friendly, (my interest in it isn't confined to Christianity) but the events of the past several years have left me just about ready to hit certain kinds of Christians in the head with a Richard Dawkins book right after shoving the Constitution down their throats. The only thing that stops me is the knowledge that folks like Falwell, for example, aren't at all popular even among evangelicals. (One poll of evangelicals I read put him at 17% approval) He'd like us to believe he speaks for the majority, but he doesn't by any stretch of the imagination; what he does speak for is American Christianity as a political and commercial force, as does Robertson and countless others, and in those areas they have plenty of influence, which makes them seem much bigger than they are... kinda like a close-up shot in film.

Well, to extend that strained metaphor, zoom out and one finds that not only aren't they as big as they seemed, they're standing on a box while their scene partner has been put in a hole... ;)

supergirlest said...

...and this is why is just stay away from religion. why is it that every "christian" i talk to says the other christians aren't doing it right and that they aren't like them? that's got to be the biggest reason i just don't 'pick a faith, any faith.' how can anyone really even know?

i haven't been by in awhile - GREAT music selection!!!

Fade said...

Supergirl-that's a great point! I guess that's been in the back of my mind this whole time and yet I wasn't been able to put my finger on it. Christianity/Christians have been redefining themselves for centuries. There are over a thousand different Christian churches here in Lubbock (Over 1 christian church for every 200 people living here). And there are over one hundred different "brands"/sects of christianity just in this town. And most of them cannot agree with each other on the finer points of their "faiths".

The depth of their faith isn't impressive- it's just like being a member of a country club- just another way to segregate and label themselves (and in essence,everyone BESIDES their sect).