Apr 3, 2007

For future reference...

Several Interesting pieces today-

From No Quarter: Rove's arrogance

A breakdown on how the Niger Yellowcake Uranium forgeries got to that Italian Reporter..
(from ze mainstream media, even! Shock!)

More on Iran's taking Western hostages... Retaliation, anyone?

By the way, thank God Iran respects the Geneva convention, at least. Those British soldiers will be free a lot sooner than the Iranians we hold, who are probably being tortured as we speak.

Remember why the Geneva conventions exist- TO PROTECT OUR OWN SOLDIERS- it's a golden rule kind of thing, Do unto enemy soldiers as they would do unto you. If we discard these guidelines, then our troops will be the ones who suffer in the end. Sure, terror cells aren't going to adhere to these rules, but the U.S. Government is NOT a terror cell and sure as hell shouldn't be acting like one. The way Iran treats these British soldiers is at least the same respect and restraint that should be offered to the Iranian officials we hold.

Of course we have all those dangerous criminal terrorists in Gitmo, like THIS GUY : Held for years for having a battery charger. Oh, the horror. What- did the Duracell lobby get to Bush?

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Ziem said...

It's a smoke and mirror display for the remaining bushco supporters.

I had a debate, some time ago, over the detainee bill and changing the GC to allow torture. I was called "anti-american" and accused of "hating the troops". When I mentioned the, "but if we can... they can and all legally.." issue. It was then deemed as the liberal slippery slope.

Bush keeps telling us how the Iranians are in his lil' axis of evil. Every pic I've seen of these hostages, they look well, fed, smiling... Ever seen a pic of some guy in an orange jump suit? Do you think the rest of this country will ever crawl out from their hiding spot and see the truth?