Apr 2, 2007

85 U.S. troops killed in Iraq in March.

Juan Cole blogs about why the "surge" in Iraq is failing.

3 Key Points:

Deaths up 15%

More U.S. soldiers dying than Iraqi Soldiers. If Iraqis are supposedly leading the security crackdown, why are U.S. soldiers dying more frequently? (85 U.S. troop deaths in March, 44 Iraqi soldiers)

More and More attacks INSIDE the Green Zone.



Ziem said...

We knew this "plan" wouldn't work. We, being the sane and rational. How can the Iraqis step up if we refuse to step down? If we are viewed as occupiers, doesn't that make us the enemy? I know that is a foreign country "occupied" mine, they would be.

It's time to pull these poor guys out and let the Iraqi people take back their own country. With no "enemy" to combat, the violence may even be less.

Fade said...

Well, Z, I believe the violence will Get a real surge once we pull out, but that it will be a temporary one as Iraqi warlords/faction leaders jockey for positions and remove the Iraqis who have been the lackeys of U.S. interests for the past four years.

Our troops don't deserve to be referees in the Non-Saddam era of Iraq. The history of Iraq will have to be eventually dictated by Iraqis themselves.

Anyone who didn't expect a power struggle once Saddam was removed is just foolish. With America standing in the middle rewarding this warlord one day and punishing him the next, and playing the factions against one another- it is at best the violent stalemate it has become. Let Iraqis create their own democracy. Get our troops out now. Make no mistake about it-Iraq will get worse before it gets better, but as a police state controlled by an American army, it is definitely a failure.

yoli said...

It WILL definately get worse before it gets better Fade! I just hope that by the time it gets worse our troops are home where they belong. Your absolutely right when you say are troops should not be their referees. It's disgusting how these fools are so "Pro War" yet they REFUSE to give our troops the necessary weaponary etc. They sure as hell won't go to Iraq unprotected but they sure will send our troops in that way! It is absolutely disgusting but then again what can we expect from these clueless fools!

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Have you seen the iRack spoof on YouTube? That Mad TV sketch explains it all to where even the freepers just might even get it (maybe).

Fade said...

Yeah, I saw that... Perhaps I need to design some pop-up books that we can airdrop/distribute to our fella Texians so they can unnerstand in simple words that "Git er done!" isn't exactly an earth shattering foreign policy.

When Jeff Foxworthy starts insulting the President, we will know we have won.

Curtis Greene said...

liberal media lies!!!

Ziem said...

I wrote this wonderful piece and blogger ate it. Grrr So, here I go again.

I agree that it'll get worse before it gets better. It certainly isn't fair to leave our tired and unprotected troops there to play cops and robbers. The Iraqi government, and only they, can get a handle on this. It's long overdue to leave them to it. I want these poor GI's home yesterday, screw dick and bush!