Apr 18, 2007

Reason 16,541 ...

The Military takes a step closer to informing this disgrace of the son of a politician (shrubby boy) that a draft is necessary to continue our occupation of Iraq.


Read the whole damn article.

No more money for Bush's bullshit war. No funds for Mercs (Blackwater "Civilian Forces"). No more kickbacks to the Oil industry. No more special contracts for Exxon/Mobil and KBR in Iraq.

No MORE. Jesus Christ, who will rid me of this treasonous political cabal of neocon bastards? Who will finally stand up to this group of psychotic neocons who have been injected into our government by Bush's criminal enterprise?

They gut our own country's Environmental Protections. And no one stood against them except a few Democrats and activists.

They ignored global warming and gave out special rebates for buying Vehicles who guzzled the most Fuel and helped kill off the electric car, and the only news groups paying attention are independent journalists and watchdog agencies.

They have destroyed, time and time again- any efforts to create some form of government healthcare- while our elderly our being warehoused in a privatized nightmare of constantly bankrupting resthomes.

They have fought tooth and nail against raising the minimum wage, which, in BUSH's OWN Argument for his tax rebates= would stimulate the economy and only affect corporations' bottom lines, NOT Small businesses with less than 200 employees.

They have killed Unions and helped promote illegal alien employment and the advent of the Wal-Mart of China empire.

They have disenfranchised voters, stolen veterans benefits, and created a whole new class of homeless- The Desert Storm/Iraqi war Veteran.

They have looted our nation's treasury and created a subprime lending quagmire that hasn't even yet began to really collapse in on itself- AND THIS- after cutting the safety net of bankruptcy laws out from underneath those same people who were victimized by the predatorial tactics of these loanshark savings and loans who are going under. The government will provide the CEOs of these dirty operations a handout to survive. But will they help the people these CEOs bilked? Hell no.

They have ruined our military in an a war that they would not only continue endlessly, BUT ESCALATE into an EVEN bigger country, Iran. For no better reasons than the lies that they used to trick the American people into going to Iraq with.

How long will the American public take it up the ass for these corporate scumbags? How long will you listen to liars blaming everything on 'liberals' and 'Democrats' as they pick your fucking pockets?

How long will middle america drool and stammer in mindless Republican worship SIMPLY BECAUSE they are glued to their boob-tubes every night? The people who are sitting on the sidelines right now don't have a independent bone in their whole fucking bodies, much less their own ability to think. If you don't stand up for what is right, RIGHT NOW- then our country is lost. To corporate sharks, Mainstream Media market researchers, greedy, power hungry fucks that could care less how many young American boys get their heads blown off in Iraq as long as they can profit off of it.

Good god. The lack of compassion in my countrymen disgusts me.
The apathy of those who know the truth disheartens me.

But the worst, the absolute worst are those of my countrymen that are just so blitheringly idiotic that they cannot simply see the truth in front of them. That our people have become so blindingly stupid that they are no longer capable of reasoning out the obvious crimes that are being commited AGAINST OUR OWN PEOPLE- fills me with shame and bile.

I have been screaming Wake Up for years, now; at those who still support this administration and also at those of you who don't support this administration, but think that the President is still a pretty good guy with good intentions. I have been screaming it for so long that sometimes I think they country deserves what it will end up getting as a result of these dirty rotten scoundrels.

But it doesn't. America DOES NOT DESERVE what the Bush administration is doing to it. My Kids, my family, my friends don't deserve it and neither do your kids, your family, and your friends.

Bush is a not an innocent twit who had good intentions. Bush is from a family who made deals with Nazis in WWII. Bush is so tied to the Oil Industry that sometimes I wonder exactly what runs in his veins anymore. Bush is NOT a Christian. His actions are not those of a christian. He robs from the poor to give to the rich. THAT is not christ-like.

Give up your misconceptions about the people currently running our country (into the ground). Rouse yourself from your stupor. Take the veil from your eyes. This nightmare will NOT END until the People of America truly wake up and end this criminal activity in Government.


Ziem said...

Excellent post and very well stated.

I so wonder if our only hope would be to reinstate the draft. I can almost see the "patriotic neocons" grabbing their children and demanding, "Change the course!" They are, as we know, quite patient and pro America, as long as it is with someone elses child.

Pam said...

Seeing all those crimes listed out like that - I can't imagine that every person (except rich ones) are not affected negatively by this evil administration. What kind of mind control is being used here? This must be what happened in Nazi Germany. A vocal few spoke out and fought it, but the rest just sat idly by....

I know there are many waking up. My own mother said to me yesterday that she was no longer a republican. THAT is HUGE. She is a small business owner who voted on ONE issue in the past - who would lower her taxes. Now, she sees the death and destruction Bu$hco has wrought. She won't protest in the street but she might vote on different issues now. Too bad it took SIX FUCKING YEARS for her to wake up!

I am hopeful that more and more people will put down the koolaid. We must continue to speak out!!

Pam said...

ACK that's supposed to say ARE affected negatively.