Apr 24, 2007

The Iraqi Surge vs. The U.S. Surge

It's rolling downhill faster and faster...

I wrote this on the Original House of the Rising Sons on Nov.22 2005.

First Agreement of the new Iraqi Government

If the Iraqi government moves to the next step- (and they get closer the longer that they solidify their power bases among the people of Iraq) They will be working against the occupation more and more. Until finally, the leaders WE got elected will be calling for open assaults in the streets of Baghdad.

If we don't get our troops out of here as soon as possible- We will be facing a REAL Viet Nam Uprising. Fighting against the troops we trained AND the general population.

Bush will not do it- More people need to speak out NOW- This news is the final straw. If you cannot see that this is not working NOW- you never will.

This is what happens when you attempt to nation build in Iraq. It was a COMPLETE waste of time and lives. In five years, Iraq will be what it is now, a hotbed of Fundamentalism.

One fact : Before we went there were NO terrorists in Iraq. Saddam killed anyone who resisted his regime. He slaughtered the fundamentalists by the thousands. A Harsh way- but the Middle East way. You cannot bring democracy to religious nuts. It doesn't work that way. It was a failure.

Now we have to get our troops out of there before it implodes completely.

U.S. Casualties in Viet Nam, 1962 - 1970
The National Archives)

1962 = 52
1963 = 118
1964 = 206
1965= 1863
1966 = 6143
1967 = 11,153
1968 = 16,542
1969 = 11,616
1970 = 6,081

U.S. Casualties in Iraq, 2001 - (from
2003 = 456
2004 = 849
2005 = 846
2006 = 822
2007 = (first 4 months: 33o)


There are attacks in the Green zone occurring now. The situation is deteriorating, in spite of the surge in Baghdad. Sunnis and Shiites are now almost completely segregated in Baghdad. The U.S. is attempting to divide Baghdad into segregated ghettos to further segregate each faction. I've said it all along- once the combatting factions have eliminated each other from their own areas they will be working even more actively to attack U.S. troops and rid themselves of the occupational forces.

The ONLY thing we actually have going for us as far as keeping U.S. casualties down - IS -the civil war. Shiites have kept their anti-U.S. efforts to a minimum, as long as they retained the reins of government. Sunnis gave up on the government and the civil war began in earnest. Now, Shiites under Al-Sadr are abandoning the government of Iraq that won't rid them of the American presence.

Bush is desperately trying to hold onto Iraq long enough to get the oil contracts signed. But even then, who is going to protect Exxon and Mobil workers while they take over the Iraqi oil fields?

Our soldiers, that is who. Our National Guardsmen, Our Army, Our Marines, and now even our Air force men who have been forced into doing army duties because are military is so overtaxed.

Stop this President Now! Stand up for your country and for our troops. Don't let Bush throw away one more soldier's life for his bullshit war!

Impeach this fucker so we can get out of Iraq before it goes to hell in a big, big way.
This group of criminals in the White house ARE TRAITORS, Murderers, and all around greedy war profiteering scumbags.

But what the fuck does this scumbag, George W. Bush care? He hasn't been to one single soldier's funeral. Troops are only for photo ops and to use as props for the blatant scam pulled on the American people. And to protect his buddy's oil interests.

A legacy of shame. And every day that people continue to support this man, the shame grows larger. Nixon is in hell somewhere, going "Goddamn, someone impeach this piece of shit!"

There will be no repeat of "I am not a crook" from this weaselly silver spoon fed pimp of a President. Because he proudly shouts "I am a fucking crook!" in America's face every day with his blatant lies. And he thinks that he's going to keep getting away with it forever.

Is he?


rockisland slim said...

Are you at all familiar with the Marshal plan reconstruction at the end of WW2? There were whole Nazis armies in the mountains, artillery and sniper fire plagued the allied (American)security forces for more than two years. The New York Times called for a pullout of Eurupe in sept. of 1947. George Bush finally obliged them in 2003 by beginning a pullout, I guess Clinton didnt have time.

Fade said...

Bush is pulling out of Germany?! Good god, Man! What about ze Nazi threat? How are we to be expected to defeat the hun if We can't flood their red light districts with military payrolls?!

Uh. Seriously though. WW2 was a war. Iraq was not, not by a long shot. "A whole two years" you say! Omigod! Duh, It's been five years since Mission Accomplished, O ye of limited historical reference. Iraqis will NEVER stop shooting at the people who illegally invaded their country. They won't rest until the Invaders leave the country. America did not invade Germany- they were part of the Allied forces, Russia,Britain, and ourselves who held the country after defeating the German Invasion.

Invasion = bad. Pisses people off.

Seven Military servicemen STATIONED IN IRAQ say the surge isn't working. (recent op-ed) Neocon Main stream media say its working. Who are YOU gonna believe?

Holding Baghdad IS NOT holding Berlin.

By the way, I wrote this FOUR MONTHS AGO. The surge STILL isn't working. How many Soldiers do you want to die so Bush's Corporate cunts can loot Iraq? Support the troops- Bring them home! NOW.

Not ONE MORE LIFE for Bush's bullshit.

Fade said...

Oh, and leave that Rush Limbaugh "Clinton-blaming" at the door, please. It gives you away that you're just a Right wing tool.

I HATED Clinton. I HATE Bush. Both political scumbags. But, Hindsight is 20/20, I realize now that Clinton's slick willy ways were kindergarten level compared to Dubya's Collegiate level Trampling of the constitution.